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February 17, 2012

Hatcher: We don't have a Ray Lewis-type leader

Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher said the team's defense has everything it needs except one: There is no one to lead them. NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp had criticized DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys' best player, for his lack of leadership before the 2011 season.

Hatcher made his comments about a lack of team leaders during a Friday interview with special guest Deion Sanders on the Ben & Skin Show on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

“Dude, I've got to be honest with you: That’s a good question,” Hatcher said. “I really don’t know. It’s just another thing we really need…. We don’t have that. We’ve got the talent. We’ve got everything we need [except] a Ray Lewis. When Ray Lewis speaks, everybody listens to him. A guy like that, we really don’t got that. I think we definitely need somebody like that.

“You’ve got to have somebody hold you accountable. With a leader like [Lewis], everybody is accountable and guys aren’t doing their own thing. [Lewis] is in there. Everybody’s going in one direction. So once you have that, you’ll be good. We’re still looking for it.”

-- Charean Williams


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Why the hell do they need a leader? For the amount of money they meke they shouldbn't need a Ray Lewis type. They should all be playing like leaders. That's the problem with team - it's full of finger pointers instead of professional achievers. This is the most reprehesible statement I've heard.

I also do not think that Ware has it in terms of being an 'intimidating' force as he is too smiley for me, which is okay off the field, but on it...no thanks. In addition, Hatcher should step it up a bit...after all, if I'm part of a team, then I have every right to speak up and say what I think, but I also have to give 120% when I'm on the playing field - so Hatcher what are you waiting for?

when you have a owner/gm who upsurp his head coach by coming down from the luxiary suites instead of doing it by the phone and the players on the roster sees this the coach has just lost the players respect because the players are no dummies they know who is really in charge of the cowboys. Leaders are born not made, the core so-called leaders of this team was made therefore they are "ghost" in the lockerroom, which spills over into the playing field. I have a BIG question why isn't that when romo-friendly is playing lites out football in september, october and november, i don't hear the so-calle experts saying that the player surrounding romo during those months are the reason why romo is winning,but doing the months of december/january, it's romo supporting cast is the reason why romo can't rise to the cream of the crop or romo is the only one playing @ his best despite his supporting cast. it just doesn't make sense but this is what the Big D and the so-call national experts are forcing down cowboy fans throats, can someone please answer this BIG question for me
it sounds like a contradiction to me?

Hatcher: We don't have a Ray Lewis-type General Manager

I wish Hatcher was that leader

Alas, he is just a SCRUBB ROLE PLAYER with a BIG MOUTH

Maybe we can replace him with that Ray Lewis Guy????

I know it sounds weird to say something negative about DeMarcus because he's contributed so much, but I have to. DeMarcus is a great pass rusher but he is definitely not a leader. He seems more like a big kid and doesn't have the personality needed to lead men into battle. Everytime I see him interviewed he's got the ridiculous laugh going it's weird. Even on the field it looks like he's playing soft he does his job but still you don't feel like anyone is intimidated by him or any or our guys. Not like it is with the GMen or the Ravens.

This is one pathetic organization. I see another failed draft with Jethro at the controls. Until this organization shows that it can draft with competency and then play with a sense of pride and heart then just expect the same ole failed rhetoric. If this team wins 5 games in 2012 it would be a miracle.

miss wade phillips yet

A defensive leader may be part of the problem but the biggest problem is the owner/coach. Lets face it the cowboys haven't had a good team since Jimmy Johnson left. Barry Switzer won but he won with Jimmy Johnson's team and Jerry Jones is to arrogant to admit that. The higest profile team in the NFL and we have a coach who's play calling and game plans have been a disaster, why, because none of the better coachs available will work for Jerry Jones. The cowboys haven't had a good dedense since they went to the 3/4. They never did have the players to make the 3/4 work. Next, with the exception of Demarcus Ware they don't put pressure on the quaterback. Forget about always blaming the defensive backs, we have no pressure up the middle and we constantly collapse in the 4th quarter and allow long drives to kill us. Why, no defensive pressure up front. Every team with a lot of interceptions also has constant pressure up front. Case in point, Eli Manning just sits back there and picks up apart. On the other side Romo is running for his life in every game. You can get the best cornerback in the draft but if you allow a quarterback to sit back there without pressure that conerback will get picked apart. That's a fact. Jason Hatcher can say they don't have a leader like Ray Lewis but then again look at who Lewis is surronded by. The cowboys aren't even close to that. Jerry Jones will never get it.

True they don't have a "Ray Lewis" type of leader. Few teams do. It is their total lack of leadership at the head coach's position that really hurts them. And the biggest problem Garret has is Jerry Jones' infernal meddling. A head coach cannot do an effective job if the owner / GM continually undermines his authority or does not allow the HC to have the authority to discipline or run the team. The players know this and act accordingly. Why should they put out 110% effort when they know they will get the big bucks for substandard play and results. Until Jerry Jones realizes he cannot be an owner / GM and hires someone to effectively run this team nothing will change.

i hav to agree with hatcher, but hatcher has to do his part too. it is sad that everybody in the cowboys lockerroom is waiting on somebody else to step up to the plate an be that leader. keith brookins can only last so long since he is on the backside of his nfl career. the so-call captains of the cowboys are not true leader they only lead by example. i think jason garrett with stephen jones input will draft those aikman, irvin and haley type players in the lockerroom to benefit the cowboys down the road. i think dez will be one of them down the road, sean lee another and maybe orlando scandrick or bruce carter. the cowboys hav the core players already it just they don't hav the senority as yet, but that will come with time. i get peeved by those romo fans that say that romo in the month of dec/jan need other parts of the team to get him over the hump in the playoff hunt, but they are silent when it comes to the months of september, october an november when romo is playing lites out. u can't haa your cake an ice cream too. i think romo peak last season when you start getting up in age some of father time start slipping romo strength his legs will start effecting his play an the injuries will catch up with him sooner or later. i hav to agree with glenn guilory about the environment that jerry has created that nobody can speak out on romo because it's romo-friendly an romo is the excemption not the rule.

Frank...I was just trying to make a funny there..lol. Sooner or later this team hopefully will get it..

SAD Cowboys! Why Can t Rat be a leader?

I agree with Michael Givens, this team has for the last several years, quit in the 4th, mentally and physically. Tebows throwing twice a day, while Tony's concentrating on golf and the PGA circuit. Eli and his receivers were playing catch while the Cowboys were playing at the beach.

This team is full of too many big contracts with little need to stretch themselves. Making Spencer the poster child for minimal effort with the franchise tag is... well... silly Mr. Jones.

Everything on cowboy team is about Romo And Jerry Jones who cares about winning games.

there will not leadership on dallas cowboy team as long jerryandromo are still there.






The Cowboys are like those really bad singers on American Idol who are brats and they think they are really good singers, and they have parents there telling them how great they are. They stink and don't have a clue.

That is the mindset of the Cowboys. They keep saying they have the talent assembled. They keep thinking they are just one player or one coach away from a Super Bowl.

This mindset comes from the owner, Jerry Jones, who likes to hype the team for marketing reasons. He's completely full of it.

This is why you don't see the team doing the hard work. This is why you see players having hamstring injuries because THEY RAN and why you see players getting tired in the 4th quarter. They feel they don't need that hard work, they are great. They don't do the conditioning, obviously.

Why do you think this team falls apart in the 4th quarter? They are tired.

This is why you keep seeing the comment about their lack of mental toughness.

This is why you keep seeing comments about a lack of leadership.

Hey, we have the talent! We are close! No, you don't. You aren't even close to getting into the playoffs and the talent level on this team is mediocre, at best.

I so agree with Hatcher. I've been a Dallas fan since I was a little girl, now I'm 47 years old. Every team needs a Ray Lewis to help keep their team focused on the goal they're trying to accomplish, The Super Bowl!You have to have that self motivation to keep you at the top of your game, if not, you MUST have a strong leader on the team to keep you grounded. Dallas hasn't had that in a very long time. We don't have a Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, or Too Tall Jones. A true leader keeps his team motivated through all the tough times, remembering the reason; simply, for the love of the game!

That a player would actually say this in an interview means the Cowboys, in fact, do not have Ray Lewis-type leader. If they had a RL-type leader, Hatcher would be hearing from him right this minute.

Gleen Guillotine - I'm sure that Hatcher will not be released because of these comments. Although, his comments say quite a bit about the 'state of leadership' in the Cowboys locker room.

Hatcher speaks the truth. The thing is..we already know this. They don't have a leader on no parts of the team. For the money Ware and Romo are being paid you would think when either of those guys speaks..guys are listening. That being said..wonder how long will it be before Jerry releases Hatcher...lol. We all know Jerry is not too keen on guys speaking out on his 'Romo friendly' team..lol

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