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February 16, 2012

If Jason Garrett sounds robotic in his press conferences, there's a reason

Jason Garrett has a reputation for sounding deliberate and robotic in his press conferences.

Not because he’s holding back information. Rather, because he’s thinking about how to provide the information and how it affects the Cowboys.

That’s what he told Dale Hansen in an interview on WFAA Channel 8 broadcast Thursday night when Hansen asked him, “What happened to the real Jason Garrett?”

Garrett said, “When you’re in the position that I’m in, the most important responsibility I have is to the Dallas Cowboys. And oftentimes, you get in situations like this, or in the daily press conferences that I do, whenever I’m asked a question about anything, what goes through my mind first and foremost: how can my answer impact the Dallas Cowboys? And that’s the thing that is most important to me.

“So oftentimes, there’s questions I won’t answer or I avoid answering if I feel there’s a competitive disadvantage to answering that question in a certain way. My obligation is to our team, to our coaches, to our players and everyone in our organization first and foremost.”

Hansen promised more of the interview on Sunday night.

CBS 11's Babe Laufenberg also broadcast an interview with Garrett on Thursday night, with more of the interview on Sunday night.

-- Carlos Mendez


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Garrett still has no business being a head coach in the NFL...

Garrett plays the media like a fiddle and the fools they truely are. If you ever want to hear a bunch of idiots and their ignorant silly questions, listen to one of the Cowboy's daily press conferences. What a complete waste of time.

I understand that the NFL has turned into a global business, but I think these weekly/daily press conferences are a total waste of valuable time. Garrett doesn't say anything groundbreaking, just repeats the same talking points as the other 31 organizations in the league. Get rid of the them, get rid of "beat" reporting. People will be just as interested in the games, probably even more so by being deprived during the week without 24/7 access.

i do not count this last season as one to judge by.it whas a setup for the cowboys to fail.every thing being new and no time to time learn who is who what is what,not even seeing the new def.playbook or time to what new player can and cant do.hell whe did not know we had a real runing back until it was too late or new rec.or full back.no time to put it all together.let the real trainig camp and season start and then let i will see if the star is still shining.until then GO COWBOYS.die hard i am

English translation: If I say something that Jerry doesn't like I will be fired.

and please do everyone a favor newman bradie james k brooking scandrick ball and spencer please somebody take them off our hands old,not smart and terrible that pass that victor cruz caught on newman and that fake dive attempt was it get him out of there PLEASE

i know i sound anger because i am as a die heart fan ive been a cowboy since i learn the game call football i can except losing sometimes its football but my team as a fan the dallas cowboys is a part of my life and i love that star same as other do we want to win and ill never give up on my team its just time to win these last few season has gone beyond of disappointment its down right sad my quarterback golfing my coach is calling the same plays etc if the top isnt doing there job when my owner is paying for the talent end this whatever you want too call it and lets get some heart in there and lets get back to cowboy football how bout them cowboys i miss those days

i hate everything about jason garrett he destroyed this team got wade out the way and wade defense still was great this year he cause those players to laydown on wade last season but look what this great coach did this year nothing wade made the playoffs hello its a smoking gun here people 7 years of play calling 1 playoff win

I don't mind JG's press conferences: he says little, tells nothing, gives nothing up. Because he hides everything during the PC, it becomes obvious by the play on the field that he actually hides nothing much.

In Jerry's pursuit of making the team "Romo-friendly" he has turned the team into a team of wusses. While players with skill and heart such as T.O. have been let go. Yes Jerry has made brilliant personnel moves since T.O. was released, NOT!!! Get luck Jerry in your pursuit of mediocrity.

At this point, I don't really care what he says in the PC just win. At least, make us competitive before we all die.

Of course Garrett is a Robot for Jones. He is Jones fall guy for when his play calling goes afoul. I wish Jones would once and for all get coaching out of his system make himself the coach and take responsibility for his dumb play calling that other teams say they know what's coming before the snap. Folks until Jones fires himself you can forget the Boys having much success. Come on 15 years of Jones meddling and the Boys have one playoff victory.

In an era where comments gives players fuel for irrational actions, being robotic isn't such a bad thing. The Dallas HC is just being smart. Given that he is not a true head coach and the owner is actually the de facto head coach, you walk on egg shells!


I much prefer JG's thoughtful, controlled interview responses to the bombast of someone like, say, the Jets' Rex Ryan. Garrett may come across as a bit dry and detached but then he won't be needlessly firing up opponents with foot-in-mouth, bulletin board fodder.

Jason Garrett's method of handling press conferences/interviews seems to be along the line of Coach Landry's, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact in today's world, with everyone ready to pounce on every single word that comes out of a coach/player/GM's mouth, it is even more important to play things close to the vest.

I listen to Garrett's interviews and personally like how he presents and answers most questions, because there are some sportswriters that will turn the words around or categorize something differently.

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