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February 03, 2012

Pick the Super Bowl with our writers and columnists

The Cowboys went 0-3 against the conference champions. Tom Brady and Eli Manning both mounted fourth-quarter comebacks against Rob Ryan's defense. And, of course, the Giants defeated Dallas, 31-14, on New Year's Day to clinch the NFC East title.

What do you expect the final score to be in Super Bowl XLVI? Post your picks in the comments below or vote for your choice here.

Here is how the Star-Telegram staff predicts the Super Bowl to play out:


Mac Engel, columnist:

Giants 27, Patriots 24... Giants front four get to Brady enough to make the difference. Eli will get the second Super Bowl title that Peyton never will.

Charean Williams, beat writer:

Giants 24, Patriots 20... Eli Manning isn’t Tim Tebow or Joe Flacco. He should be able to exploit the Patriots defense, while Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and company will get after Tom Brady, who has been less than Super in five of his past six postseason games.

Carlos Mendez, beat writer:

Giants 28, Patriots 26... Manning and Brady cancel each other out. The Giants win it with a running game the Patriots can’t stop.

Randy Galloway, columnist:

Giants 27, Patriots 26... I’m holding my nose and holding down my breakfast in picking the dog-butted Giants. But, yes. Eli over Brady.

Clarence E. Hill Jr., beat writer:

Giants 28, Patriots 24... Elite Manning, aka dumb face, now has two rings to Tony Romo’s one playoff win. Ouch.


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Giants will win because of their strong front four and the wideout nightmare that they have for defenses Giants win 27-24

Giants - 35 Patriots - 24

the sportcasters and columnists in this article are full of bs. they dont know what they are talking about. i cant believe these guys are all picking the giants. Patriots 28 Giants 10, with or without ron gronkowski.

Giants 31 Pats 23

There's a game this weekend???

If it's not the Cowboys then it could hardly be ever called "super."

I predict Madonna will do something to offend the conservative base to make her relevant again! Her music has sucked for deaceds so she has to offend people to get attention. Maybe Lady GaGa could come out and beat her up like when the Real KISS beat up the fake KISS in KISS Meets That Pantom!

1). No Dallas Cowboys

2.) No Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

3.) KISS not playing halftime...


However the REAL game, the Mighty New Jersey Devils WILL defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins. That's hockey North Texas, remember that hockey bandwagon that happened a decade ago?? Opps, the Devils ended that "fad."

pats by 10, 31 to 21

PAtriots 28 - GIants 26

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