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February 06, 2012

Question of the week: Where do the Cowboys match up best with the Giants?

The New York Giants found the formula for another Super Bowl championship. In today’s NFL, that means getting hot at the right time behind a good quarterback, good receivers and defense that can pressure the quarterback.

Don’t the Cowboys have those ingredients, too? Except for the getting hot at the right time?

After watching the Super Bowl, the Star-Telegram’s NFL writers answered this question: “Where do you think the Cowboys match up most favorably with the Super Bowl champs?”

Their answers follow. Give us yours in the comments.

Clarence Williams, Cowboys beat writer: Wow ... As of right now, the Cowboys don't match up well against the Giants, who have a better offensive line, better receivers, better defensive line, a better secondary, albeit slightly, and -- dare I say it? -- a better quarterback. The Cowboys have the edge at tight end, running back and linebacker because of DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee. The emergence of DeMarco Murray puts the Cowboys over top at running back. But none of it appears to be enough to put the Cowboys over the top in the NFC East, where they will head into next season as the third best team behind the Giants and the Eagles and just ahead of the Redskins.”

Charean Williams, Cowboys beat writer: Um, well ... Let's see ... The Giants are better at quarterback, better in the offensive line, better at receiver. They have a better pass rush. Their secondary isn't any worse than the Cowboys. The Cowboys do have a better running game. DeMarco Murray looks like a star in the making, and pairing him with Felix Jones, the Cowboys could have a good one-two punch there next year behind fullback Tony Fiammetta. But the Cowboys have a lot of areas they have to get better in this off-season if they are going to catch the Giants.”

Carlos Mendez, Cowboys beat writer: The areas where the Cowboys compare favorably to the Giants are on offense. The quarterback, running back and tight end for the Cowboys are good enough to start for the Giants – in fact, would, except for the quarterback. But the Giants wouldn’t take any of the Cowboys’ linemen, except Tyron Smith. They could use cornerback Mike Jenkins, and linebacker Sean Lee could cover more ground in coverage than Michael Boley. But that’s about it for significant advantages for the Cowboys. At defensive end and defensive tackle, the Giants are better. They’re as good in the secondary and on special teams. They’re sure better at receiver. Coach and front office? Do we need to get started there?

David Humphrey, Cowboys beat editor: Considering the Cowboys had the Giants on the ropes in the regular season, Dallas might be closer to a Super Bowl contender than they look. Dallas can easily match the Giants' offensive talent. They still have work to do on defense to catch New York.



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Hey Glen, you got some right....but Eli can hold his own against Eli. What you failed to see it that Eli is getting major protection and His D line is crushing opposing QB;s . Funny how you didn't mention this you stupid cunt.

ANSWER: WE DONT MATCH UP. Its simple. The Giants strenghts are our weakness. They have 3 good receivers we have 1.5 good secondary players. They have an amazing front 4 and we have a shitty O-Line. They have a strong O-Line and we have a decent pass rush at best..so honestly, we dont match up. This is why they always beat us. I
If we dont start drafting and picking up players who can counter these weakness, we will never win big games again. WE BETTER START BY PROTECTING ROMO FIRST AND FOREMOST...IF HE GOES DOWN, SEASONS OVER!

The Giants play more physical, have more heart, find ways to win, while the Cowboys have a lousy GM and a lousy Owner who can not see that the current GM is doing a 'F....ked Up Job!'

Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.

The Cowboys are a laughing stock as long as the FAILURE of a G.M. keeps his job. Jerry Jones would of fired this piss poor G.M. 13 years ago if it wasn't Jerry Jones.

Stephen, talk some sense into your Dad. He's lost it. He's gone mental!

Don't talk bad about me out there. Didn't I build that $1B CB Stadium? Didn't I bring 3 SB trophies to the team? Didn't I produced many HOF like Troy, Emmit, and Michael? I am the walking HC of the Dallas CB and I am also the GM. I am SUCK!

I think everyone is missing the real truth here. It's not so much the players, yes they suck too, but it's the culture that Jethro has created at Valley Ranch. It's one of laziness and entitlement. When they lay down and end up 4-12 at the end of the 2012 season Jethro will create a legit excuse for what went wrong and then repeat it enough so that the fans actually start believing it. This is how he's been able to get away with it for 16 years. The dude is slick. It's a horrible culture in Dallas and will remain as long as Jethro is around. Example: They should have benched Newman, Spencer and others last season but didn't because those in charge are weak and the players know it. So, back to the original question, they don't match up well with the Giants at any position. We're a 3rd maybe 4th place team in the East.

Main area Giants have over Cowboys is GM and Head Coach. The defensive line of the Giants is loaded with talent - much more than the Cowboys have. And the final thing that ALL people from and in New York have - HEART. The Cowboys seem to shrivel up when the pressure is most. I think their Head Coach will be a real good one some day - it just may not be with the Cowboys.

Jaharry has a better shrine and that is about all that the cows rate above the Gaints.

Front office and cheerleaders!

I would trade Witten and a 4th and 5th round pick to pick up a 2nd or 3rd Round pick, then I would package those picks with my 2nd and 3rd picks and see if I could move into the first round again and pick up an offensive lineman and defensive end. I would then shell out some bucks for Nicks from the Saints and if I still had some picks left, then I would give up my first round pick from next year and package that up as well and see if I could get another first round this year and get a cornerback. Sounds crazy, but the Cowboys team, if past history is an indicator DO NOT do a good job overall in finding good talent in the later rounds, therefore package your selections for fewer picks.

Clean out the front office and be sure you get the GM in the trash bag then, take it all to the dump!!!

I think the Cowboys’ laundry department has the Giants beat.

The Cowboys have the edge over the Giants at..tight end and linebacker..and that's it!! Running backs? I think not because we can't seem to keep ours healthy. As for others thinking possibly at quarterback..Get real!!! Romo is no where near Eli at that spot. Jerry will not do anything to change that spot until you media types up there DEMAND he go in another direction. Time is up for Romo. Trade him to Cleveland for that fourth pick and draft RGIII...We would be in the Super Bowl in two, three years tops. You media types up there knows Romo will never win here..

With this O-Line Against THAT PASS RUSH

Not very well

Not very well at all

We NEED TO REVAMP the O-LINE !!!!!!!!

The Giants also play a more physical game!!

Romo is the best player we have. Beef up his line and give him some defense and the Cowgirls will return to their glory days!

I agree with Carlos Mendez...

Please trade Ware, Romo, and Ratliff to stockpile draft picks in '12 and '13. Those are great/good players and can be exchanged for a strong collection of picks. We cannot win in the next 3-5 years without depth at the O-line, D-line, and secondary; so build the foundation and deliver results in 4-6 years. Of course, we would need strong talent evaluation and management (both difficult with this ego-driven owner).

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