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February 02, 2012

Stanback finally catching onto receiver position

Isaiah Stanback still wears a quarterback number – 18 – but he finally feels like a receiver. The Cowboys drafted the University of Washington quarterback with hopes of turning him into a receiver.

But he caught only two passes and returned only 13 kicks in two seasons.

“I didn’t know what I was doing when I was there [in Dallas], to be honest with you,” Stanback said Thursday. “I was a quarterback trying to learn the receiver position. I didn’t even know how to stand when I was there. All the guys used to laugh at me. I felt like I was watching what the other receivers were doing and trying to learn. It’s tough to do it that way when you’re on the toughest level there is in sports. I didn’t get taught a lot. I was thrown into it, and it was kind of hoped I would be successful. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of injuries when I was there, and it just didn’t work out.

“Now, I’m a lot better receiver. I actually feel like I’m a receiver.”

Stanback had three surgeries while with the Cowboys – two on his shoulder and one on his knee. He had an injury-free year with the Patriots in 2009, playing quarterback and receiver. But he spent the past two seasons on injured reserve with the Seahawks. He tore his Achilles’ in 2010 and strained a hamstring in 2011.

Stanback was sitting at his home in Lewisville, contemplating his future, when the Giants called offering him a job on their practice squad. He will be a free agent in the off-season.

“I feel blessed,” said Stanback, whose first child – Nadia Renee – is due March 23. “God has got a plan for me.”

-- Charean Williams


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Wow! Interesting comments by Stanback concerning the Cowboys coaching staff not teaching him anything about the wide receiver spot when he was a quarterback in college. I know their have been guys who were able to make the switch, but it tells me the Cowboys coaching staff didn't know what they were doing with this guy.The Cowboys lead the league in drafting guys who played one position in college then changing their position the minute they get to Valley Ranch. If you want a certain guy to play a certain position then just draft a guy for the position you want. Doesn't seem that hard in my eyes. And we wonder why we can't win..lol

Frank - My senitments exactly - although I do remember on the Hard Knocks episode Garrett's brother hammering Marty B with the "high and tight" instructions over and over again. So maybe they do try to develop the players but just don't do a good job of it. Nonetheless, I have also resigned myself to the realization that the Dallas Cowboys will never see success as long as Jerry Jones is in charge.

Not sure how much of Stanback's comments are true in regards to, "I didn’t get taught a lot. I was thrown into it, and it was kind of hoped I would be successful.", but it would not surprise me.

The Cowboys have in the past drafted players, Choice, Bennett, Williams, in the 2nd or 3rd rounds and then not developed or used them. So either the Cowboys are not good at evaluating talent or they don't develop them! Either way, this is another reason why the Cowboys lack depth on their roster.

Another problem is they are continually stocking and holding on to players in the hopes of trying to make them receivers to the detriment of other positions.

All of this goes back to Jerry the GM and unfortunately for the team, this will never change, therefore my 'optimism' about the Cowboys has seriously taken a 'hit' the last three to four years.

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