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February 26, 2012

Stephen Jones: Cowboys don't have a Michael Irvin or Ray Lewis type leader, could use one

Vice President Stephen Jones agrees with defensive end Jason Hatcher in saying the Cowboys don't have a vocal, emotional leader who will get in their teammates faces and hold them accountable like Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin did for the Cowboys of the 1990s and linebacker Ray Lewis does now in Baltimore.

 “We got good solid character lead by example guys,” Stephen Jones said. “Things we don’t have, and they don’t grow on trees, is a Michael Irvin or a Ray Lewis who is not only a lead by example, who not only is a great player, but one who will get in your face.”

The Cowboys aren’t the only team without a Lewis-type leader. But not every team may need one, as opposed to the Cowboys, whom Stephen Jones allows probably do because of the scrutiny and pressure they face every year.

It certainly could make a difference for the Cowboys in close games and late in the year when they have consistently failed.

“I don’t have the answers,” Jones said. “We would like someone like that.”

Owner Jerry Jones identified linebacker Sean Lee, who he called a natural born leader, as a player who could possibly grow into that role on the Cowboys as he continues to grow as a force on the field. 

Clarence Hill 



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