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February 26, 2012

Stephen Jones: Cowboys talked shop with agents of Laurent Robinson, Anthony Spencer and Dez Bryant at combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is not just about eyeballing and scrutinizing the top college prospects. Teams use the event to talk with the representatives of their prospective free agents.

Vice President Stephen Jones said the Cowboys have had meetings with the agents of receiver Laurent Robinson, linebacker Anthony Spencer, Dez Bryant and Kelvin Ogletree and David Buehler.

Don’t be alarmed by the conversations about Bryant, who is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, along with Ogletree.

Jones said the conversations with Rosenhaus were not about a contract extension for Bryant but rather just some background on the third-year receiver who recently switched to Rosenhaus from Eugene Parker.

Jones acknowledged that the decision on Spencer is the toughest as the Cowboys try to decide whether to put the franchise tag on him before he hits free agency.

But it’s not the only one they have to make as they are also deciding what to tender some of the restricted free agents like Ogletree and Buehler, if at all.

Jones said they will not offer contract tenders to all their restricted free agents.

Buehler is set to make $1.26 million next year in the final year of his contract. That is a lot pay a kickoff specialist and Cowboys would like a reduction of the salary for him to have a chance to stay on the roster.

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There is so much that is there in offer that you will be taken with surprise. Whether you like to wear heavy stuff or are a fan of the delicates, you will be able to get all with this.

Cb in the1st and dline and linebackers 2 and 3rd maybe a TE late

Don't overpay Robinson. He's only had one good year. Structure his contract with incentives. I hope he's not just a one year wonder.

You know what is stupid? Keeping Buehler, Ogletree, Newman, Bennett and Spencer.

You know what is smart? Keeping and signing Robinson to a multi year contract.

Guess which one Jethro will choose. You got it.

I agree Robinson is a must. I think we can get Spencer for 3 or 4 years for 4 mil building to 6 mil by the end of the contract. I would like to consider a strong center and let's see how our 4 young guards improve. DeCastro would be a great catch, but I like Kirkpatrick in the first to build the defense. 5 of the 7 draft picks should be defense

I'm with ya Frank. The game is won in the trenches. We need linemen on both sides of the ball badly.

I would try very hard to keep Robinson, therefore, I would save money by cutting Ogletree and Buehler.

In addition, I would franchise Spencer, use my first round pick on DeCastro, if available, to solidify the OL for years to come and if I had the money go for Nicks. The rest of the draft, I would use to solidify the pass rush and cornerback position, even to the extent of bundling my 4th, 5th and later rounds to move into the second round again. So, in conclusion, I would use my 1st round pick on an OL, then use the two second and third round pick on the defense - DE and CBs in that order.

Keep Laurent and thats it.

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