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February 09, 2012

Terrell Owens says he is broke because he was misled and was too trusting, hopes others can learn from him

It’s no secret that Terrell Owens is with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League partly because he is broke.

Okay who are we kidding, that is the reason.

Owens has blown the millions he earned during 15 years in the NFL and is now having trouble paying child support on several children.

He can earn up to $500,000 as a part-time player and owner for Wranglers in hopes of getting back to the NFL and recouping his finances.

Owens blames his financial situation on being too trusting of people with his money. He said he was misled. He said it was an eye opener for him and he hopes other players can learn from his mistakes.

“I am a very trustworthy person,” Owens said. “I allowed people to tell me they were taking care of my situation, go out and focus on football. And they were going to be taking care of their end. I am partially fault for that. It was an eye-opener for me and my family. it is an eye-opener for a lot of people in the National Football League that are going to be put in this particular situation. I feel like I have been put on this platform to allow people to tell these guys, ‘Be on top of your finances.’  Because they say they are doing one thing and they’re not and they’re doing another.

“Other than that, however many dollars as I have lost, I can still make up those dollars,” Owens continued. “Other than that, it’s been a rough situation. It’s been a rough year. But overall I am still holding my head up high. I am going about my business.  I still have a smile on my face. My family has been very, very supportive of me and upbeat about what I have been going through. There have been some friends that I thought were friends that aren’t there. I’ve really realized what family means to me. That’s what I am relying on at this point.”

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Not a penny from me. I refuse to even watch a professional sport on TV because of the excessive pay and life style of these jerks. Sports for me stops at the college level and not too sure of some of those.

Sorry to hear about T.O.'s finance problems. Hope everything works out for him. I'm sure he's not the only pro player who has lost lots of money trusting someone else with their money. Heck we've had entertainers and movie stars who have faced the same predicament as T.O.

I am happy....

You are fired!

Have you thought about adding some differing opinions to the article? I think it will really enhance my understanding.

The only thing TO had to do was shut up and play football and everything would have been fine but no, he couldn't he had to be a cancer everywhere he went. You're not gonna be 23 forever dude.

When you are an ignorant person and you don´t have a real idea in how to handle your finances, you´ll be broken soon. !!!!
Poor man, he was a fool with his money. :(


NOTHING ELSE............

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