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February 09, 2012

Terrell Owens still disappointed in Jerry Jones, bitter about being cut by the Cowboys


Receiver Terrell Owens remarked on at least two occasions during a fan fest Wednesday night to welcome him as a member of Arena Wranglers that he had hoped to retire as a member of the Cowboys.

That was his plan when he signed with the Cowboys in 2006 in hopes of reviving his career after a bitter divorce from the Eagles. He was buoyed in his belief by promises from owner Jerry Jones that Owens would remain with the team even after he was embroiled in a locker room spat with quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten.

Of course that was before Jones was convinced by son and vice president Stephen Jones that it was in the best interest of the franchise to part ways with Owens.

Owens said he realizes he can't trust anyone.

"I think everybody knows after the first three years, (that I wanted to retire with the Cowboys)," Owens said. "I had signed an extension and after that season I got that call or whatever, that meeting that said they wanted to part ways. Then again it was very disappointing it was one of those things where again, it’s a lot of lip service people saying they’re going to do one thing and do another. I've learned a lot within the last three to five years about life in general and even people in general. My grandmother, who passed just the beginning o f the year I remember her telling me not to trust anybody because god is the only person you can trust, man can change their mind at any given time, and it’s sad and its unfortunate but other than that I have to really take what she has taught me and move forward."

Owens says he has moved on and is not bitter towards Jones but his words and tone tell a different story. He still has regrets of not being able to play in new Cowboys Stadium.

"I’ve seen him maybe a handful of times since then, other than that, it is what it is," Owens said. "I'm not bitter about it, at that time it was disappointing considering the stadium was about to be open and he had told me I was going to be a big part of that process and then it's like having the wind knocked out of you. But life goes on."

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Bye bye, T.O. Should have stayed with SF, bro.

pop up because Im not very tech savvy, hopefully I can get this right!

Why the he!! all of the T.O. crap this week??? No one has heard a word from this dipstick in almost a year and now he's running his mouth and it's news?? Give us a break. One, maybe two small paragraphs on the back page at most would have been required. He's a has been desperately trying to regain what fame he used to have.

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With a fanbase like this, the team almost don't deserve to win. From the sounds of you yahoos, I suspect that you're a bunch of old, whiny, fatbellies who never had an athletic bone in your body, and think the Star alone will win games.

Proof is in the pudding. Cut T.O. and this team became Jell-o soft. Austin gets paid to lose balls in the light, that's when he's ON the field (missed more games in 1 season than T.O. missed in 3). No one fears this offense. No one fears the playcalling. The Cowboys are easy to pick, and that's why teams do it. Too many know it alls trying to do more with less. This is why this team will never go anywhere and will be remembered as LOSERS.

Cutting T.O. was supposed to make Dallas better. I see no proof that it worked. All it did was make them soft and gutless.

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I want to say something.

Firts: When T.O was signed -back to 2006-, i was agree with that sign, i were very happy with his production in all those seasons-2006,2007 and 2008-, none one of the remaining Wide Outs of the Cowboys has his numbers, even with all the baggage who T.O´brings with him.-Locker room cancer?-yeah!

Second:The Jerry Jones stupidity is a whole thing, why do you extends the contract of one man who will be cut for the beginig of the next season? Nobody!nobody do that only a real Idiot as Jerry are.

Third:Maybe this could´ve the last season in the T.O´s carrer-2011-becuase is not teh same thing play for mediocre teams like Buffalo and Cinncy that play for the Boys.

But, things happens in this life and as T.O told yesterday: "Lifes goes on".

Didn't agree with signing T.O. in the first place, but I rooted for him when he was on the team. That being said. T.O., Roy, and Crayton were right. Romo was and still is targeting Witten in the passing game more than anyone else. And we continue to lose. You do the math..


Is like the Ex-Wife that wants an invitation to your Wedding

He just won't go away and is too Psychotic to know he is obsessed

It is beneath most people but suits T.O. in that it validates all of "The Rub" against him

Self Serving

Hes broke now, no money. And of course thats someone else' fault also.

Jerry Jonesput a black eye on this franchise when he signed this piece of human trash; a man who disgraced our logo and since he has now almost anyone who scores on us has to go to their litte tribute to Owens and how he used to disgrace the star be it at the 50 or the end zone. By the way refs how is that not "taunting?" Anyway, the guy never should have won a jersey and while I always want the Cowboys to be the best..if the payoff is we did not win super bowl so Jones does did not put him in as his OWN personal choice ROH inductee..then good that we didn't win.

Owen is just another poster boy of everything wrong in sports. Please, even his ex "piss boy" Irvin distances himself form Owens now..why? You screw over Jerry Jones, who also helped your clothing line..you screw that guy?

May the "Jack Tatum" of the indoor league render him out of football forever!


Hey Owens you forgot the G-mother story of how it's everyone else's fault and never yours.

You gotta laugh at how in-denial Owens is. Regarding his release by the Cowboys, it was clear that, once again, he allowed his disruptive personality to outweigh his then-declining football skills.

Meanwhile, after reading about him spouting off in the press lately about how people are against him and how he can't trust anyone, you can bet that no NFL team is gonna take a chance on this knucklehead.

You did it to yourself! Clown!

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