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February 16, 2012

Thanks to Stephen Jones, the Cowboys have flexibility under salary cap to be players in free agency

When the Cowboys started whacking high-priced veterans before last season, it was thought that they would pay a significant price in 2012 because of the negative salary-cap impact.

The releases of Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis and Andre Gurode had put roughly $24 million in dead money in the 2012 cap, which is expected to be $120.375 million.

But the Cowboys will head into free agency March 13 with $12.6 million in cap room and thus are in much better shape than anticipated.

The Cowboys can gain even more room by releasing cornerback Terence Newman as expected and restructuring a few deals.

It all means that the Cowboys will be active players in free agency and owner Jerry Jones credits son and vice president Stephen Jones for their increased flexibility.

“I give Stephen a lot of credit for taking a year we thought would be Armageddon for us, and we were able to do some things last year with the cap that puts us and gives us some viability,” Jones said. “Stephen and a lot of the crew he works with regarding the caps, regarding the contracts, all of that has given us a chance to have some room to improve this team this year.

“And we will use it.”

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hope stephen does a better job of signing what the cowboys need in free agency and that stephen does a better of job of drafting players in the nfl draft, last years draft @ #1 was great, need more of those kind of players. will stephen do a better job of selecting player did his pops?

Do you know where my sister is. Please call @ 3172897402. Sunday, Feb, 19, 2012, 11:27 pm. She left for Denim and Diamonds after having dinner with you. Thank you, Sister Laurie in Plano, TX.

Wewll..JohnQ. ....It seems you don't know much about football players. Riddle me this..Mr. Q..Have you ever seen RGIII play? If you had you wouldn't have made the most idiotic comment I've ever seen from someone.

@Glenn Guillory: RGIII will be as big a bust a Ryan Leaf. (Remember him??) We don't need a rookie QB prospect at this stage of the game. What we desperately need is QUALITY Corner Backs and at least one good Offensive Guard (Nicks?) from the free agent pool. Then next year there will be several good QB's in the draft who are better than the overhyped Heisman trophy winner RGIII is this year. If RGIII were as good as everyone thinks he is then why is Andrew Luck going to be the #1 pick of the draft this year without winning the Heisman? In a nutshell, RGIII won't make it as an NFL QB.

Olb corner safety DE gaurd center and we r good

Tell Stephen to tell his Daddy we need a corner and an offensive lineman. Then Jerry can try and work a trade with Cleveland for the fourth pick so we can draft...RGIII. Do all this and this team will be in the Super Bowl in two, three years tops.

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