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February 13, 2012

What is the Cowboys' first priority this off-season?

If you are the Cowboys' general manager --  yeah, right, like they would ever have a general manager -- what would be your first priority this off-season?

Cast your vote, or post in the comments below.

Clarence E. Hill Jr., beat writer: The first priority of the off-season is to hire a new general manager, but absent that pipe dream, then the Cowboys need to try to sign Saints guard Carl Nicks in free agency to upgrade the O-line, so they can focus on signing a cornerback with the 14th pick in the draft.

Charean Williams, beat writer: This game has become about two things -- the quarterback and pass rushers. If you don't have both, you don't have a chance. The Packers didn't win the Super Bowl this year because of their pass rush. The Patriots, when they absolutely needed to pressure Eli Manning, couldn't. That's why they didn't lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the Giants did. The Ravens, Texans and 49ers didn't make the Super Bowl because of their quarterbacks. The Cowboys have the quarterback. They have a pass-rusher. They need more than one pass-rusher, as the Giants showed in their postseason run. Free agency doesn't offer many choices, so the Cowboys should draft the best one there for them at No. 14, and then keep drafting them. Amazing how much the rest of the defense, including the secondary, will be helped by more than one consistent pass-rusher.

Carlos Mendez, beat writer: Offensive line. It's not strong enough up the middle. There's a running back in town who might be pretty good if he can get some reliable blocks between the guard spots. What the Cowboys had there last year, a couple of fair pros in Montrae Holland and Kyle Kosier, got the job done for a while. But the season took a toll on them, and now they're a year older. The center, Phil Costa, was clearly overpowered in some games. Behind them right now, the Cowboys have youngsters David Arkin (never active in his rookie year), Kevin Kowalski (promising) and Bill Nagy (hurt early), along with 12-year vet Derrick Dockery. But more than run blocking, the interior OL needs to protect. Jerry Jones is clear about that -- the No. 1 thing on his mind is protecting Tony Romo so Romo's prime years aren't wasted. Costa and his mates didn't seem to get the hang of handling twists and stunts, even the basic ones. If I'm the Cowboys general manager, I'm bringing in another veteran guard and drafting the Stanford kid.

David Humphrey, editor: My first priority would be a lock-down cornerback who has size. I emphasize size. The big receivers around the league are winning the majority of the battles on the outside. Being in position to make a play and making a play are two different things. 





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Oh ya....I think another surprise RB is waiting for the plucking....LaMichael James from Oregon.

I would like to formally nominate Troy Aikman as the GM of the dallas Cowboys. ok...back to reality... Defense needs a spark...a player that everyone can get around. The new Ryan defense all in all did....ok. I think the idea is there and they will come around but they need a leader. The offense just couldn't keep up with what the defense was giving up due to protection. Since we have a good running game with our exceptional rookie I think we need to go hard after the standford kid since it's offense that scores the points but don't pass if a stud DB is there when it's our turn. I think we should just ask....what would Troy (Aikman) do? ha ha! seriously though...is he available?

really want to go.

The TOP priority will be trading Jerry Jones for someone else, say maybe Jimmy Johnson. If we can make that trade, we might have a snowballs chance in hades of winning a playoff game next season. Jones does not have the talent or the brass to pick up the whistle, so he intimidates his coaches through the media. Mr. Jones, I started with the cowboys in the 4th quarter of the Icebowl, and I'll be with them when you are sweeping the streets of heaven. Go away. You are the WORST owner in Cowboys history. Jerry

Me personally I would get a stud pass rusher opposite of D.Ware. Spencer is obviously not the answer.

In addition to my above post, I would, if required trade Felix Jones and draft picks to move up in the draft. The goal is to get 3 quality top 32 players in the draft VERSUS stockpiling worthless 4,5 or 6 round picks, when the Cowboys don't do a good job of drafting...other then a few lucky picks...Ratliff, for one.

I agree more with Clarence, but would be more creative in the draft and definitely would work hard to get Nicks. My plan, get an Offensive Lineman with your first round pick. Package the 2nd, 3rd round picks to see if one can move into the first round again and pick a DE or Cornerback if available...if I really covet a player in the first round, then I would trade my 1st round draft pick from next year and throw in an additional round if required. I then would go after a DE or Cornerback via FA and would franchise Spencer if required. Jerry the GM is never going away, so one has to live with that, but if one believes that Romo is 'it', then now is the time to reinforce the O-Line, upgrade the D-Line and go for it. OH - one last thing, get a defensive or offensive player with an ATTITUDE!!!

Charean hit it on the head.

To me Charean has it right on n best idea by far been saying since preaseon only one true pass rusher on team with Ware n sign Free Agent guard and CB. Plus CB class is deep so can draft one as well after 1st round after hopefully getting an elite pass rusher.

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