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March 30, 2012

Drew Pearson says Cowboys' free agency signings show they're working on an identity

Drew Pearson has never been shy about criticizing the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, despite being a Ring of Honor member who is proud of his past with the team.

But he likes the direction the Cowboys are headed in now after a free agency season in which they have signed seven players so far, plus one of their own free agents.

“I like it. I like it,” he said at a charity event in Grapevine this week. “I really feel like now they have an identity of what they want to be. The last few years or so, it’s been a grab bag – we need this, so we’re going to pick this player, we need that, so we’re going to take that player. And it wasn’t necessarily the player that fit the identity of what they wanted to be, even if they had an identity.”

Pearson said the Cowboys teams he played on in the ’70s were known for being smart, precise and disciplined. He said Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys of the ’90s were about speed at every position and execution.

“Bill Parcells tried to establish something, but Jerry undermined him by bringing in the Tank Johnsons and Pacmans and T.O.s,” Pearson said, then smiled as he noted that Terrell Owens is now one of his arena players.

“But I think they know what they want now, and it’s not about going and getting the big name, but to find that player who fits what you want to be,” he said. “And hopefully these guys now have an identity to fit what they want to be.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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@ JD in MD

Dude, get a clue! Drew Pearson just ripped Jerry Jones and he used to rip Jerry before he was in the ROH.

Dez Bryant, I don't care if he wins a ring or not, he'll never be Drew Peason...NEVER. Drew has nothing to be jealous about. Also, Drew used to get open when corners could hold you going down the field with no penalty (see football 1974, 75 until they change some rules in 77/78.

I like Dez but don't shame Drew JD

@ Mil

I disagree, when you run a 3-4 you need as many LB's you can get. We needed a third ILB and I rather have Dan Conner than the JJ project of Albright from Boston College wo wasted a spot on our squad last year!

Also, we can't expect Carter to play all three downs especially when he'll probably by our nickel LB.

Run a 4-3 and we need a glut of D Lineman, vice versa 3-4.

Just my two cents, and not really having anything to do with Pearson's comments, but I also like the signings so far, except for maybe Livings, who I think is a slacker from what I've been reading. Losing Robinson was tough as well but the 10 mil dollar penalty caused that, which to me was bogus. Hopefully Jerry Jones is actually learning something after 25 years on the job.

The Cowboys have an identity, unfortunately it is the identity of their owner, a buffoon who knows zilch about football...

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3-4 Defenses play with two inside linebackers every play. Sean Lee and Dan Conner going to play every snap? How many snaps did Bradie James and Keith Brooking play last year?

It's BS. Now that he's in the Ring of Honor, he's talking nice. This is a guy who openly is bitter about Dez being given his number.

Mil, I think it's to early to judge on Carter, his rookie season was always expected to be a write off following his injury, that said i'm not expecting a Sean Lee level of impact from him this season either as I don't think he'll be fully 100% recovered still - whether waiting 2 seasons before seeing his true ability represents good value for a 2nd roundpick is another matter! I like the
Conner pick up regardless as behind Lee and Carter we had little else, no disrespect to James and Brooking meant. Aside from Livings, I like the signings made, I love the look of Vickers, he could pave the way for some big runs for Jones/

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Drew..we'll know by week four if Jerry has finally figured it out....NOT!!...lol. That 'idiot' Jerry still has no clue. He overpaid for Brandon Carr just as he has done for the last seven, eight years. This team still has no identity. Stop it Drew!...you are making me laugh...LOL...!!!!

I agree and I hate bandwagon fans. I like the free agency signings thus far. But the fact we signed Connor when we drafted
Bruce in the second worries me we can't keep wasting picks

blue truth...you are exactly right. Role players that are TOUGH football players. And you're right about a lot of fans not understanding that big names are NOT the answer. Unfortunately, our GM does not always understand this either. If Jerry Jones did not own the team, is there any chance he would've lasted these last 15 yrs as GM? No way.

BINGO Drew! Jerry Jones screwed with something that was working for a scum bag like Owens and his loser co-horts.

If Jerry sat down with Drew, Troy, Roger, Bob Lilly, Dorsett, Randy White, Charlie Waters, Woodson...then he would have a friggin clue. Stop taking advice from guys like Irvin and that mercenary Sanders.

A lot of fans don't like our FA signings because there are not a lot of big names..mostly because...sadly..a lot of our fans are bandwagon fans who only root or know big names.

We need role players and quality depth.

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