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March 29, 2012

Felix Jones says he's gotten lighter "to try something new" and is ready for season to get going

Running back Felix Jones said he is lighter as he gets ready for the offseason program.

“I’m a little lighter,” he said Wednesday night at a charity event in Grapevine, asked by reporters what he is doing to get himself ready for the season. “Going to try something new this year and just see how it goes.”

Jones was listed at 217 pounds last year, and he was listed at 220 going into the previous year. He came out of college listed between 200 and 207 pounds.

He said he’s ready for the year to get going and to meet new offensive linemen Mackenzie Bernardeau and Nate Livings, the massive guards signed to give the Cowboys more bulk in the middle.

“As long as those guys get in the way and block, they’re here for a reason,” Jones said with a smile.

Jones, entering his fifth year with the Cowboys, said he was surprised to hear of the retirement of former teammate Marion Barber. They played together three years in Dallas.

“It was news. It kind of shocked me,” Jones said. “But you know, it’s a decision. I’m behind him 100 percent. He had a great career. He was a great teacher, a great mentor. I thank him for that, and I wish him the best.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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ones said. “But you know, it’s a decision. I’m behind him 100 percent.

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/cowboys/2012/03/felix-jones-says-hes-gotten-lighter-to-try-something-new-and-is-ready-for-season-to-get-going.html#storylink=cpySeo Glasgow

Every one can beat on Felix, but bottom line is, he's a playmaker! He has break away ability period! He's due to have a injury free year and let's not forget, we have our SB strangth and conditioning coach back for a full year getting these guys in playing shape! I think Felix can take that starting job back this year or at minimum be as big a factor as Murry. These two have the ability to be the best 1-2 combo backs in the league. With the addition if Vickers and two big guards, we should have the league lead in rushing. Can't wait to see this remade running game. Should be special.


Felix: You're a bench warmer. All you're good for is a couple of runs and a fake pulled hamstring.

I think being lighter is a problem for him, being often injured.

Good, hopefully having Murray pushing him has made a PERMANENT change in his attitude and approach; and hopefully the changes in the Oline will improve the effectiveness of the offense over all. A running game that poses a "break away" threat could take some of the heat off of Tony and do more to open up the passing game.

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Felix always says he's ready for the season to start, then when it starts he certainly doesn't appear ready. He's been mediocre as a go to back. Certainly atthe back of his class.

I'm glad to hear this. Being lighter and playing fewer downs, hopefully as a change-up speed back, will return him to what he does best and what made him so dangerous. Now if only he can stay healthy for a whole season.

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