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March 27, 2012

Jerry Jones said Romo not in Aikman’s class yet, called Hall of Famer being modest

Cowboy owner Jerry Jones and Chargers coach Norv Turner weighed in on the Tony Romo-Troy Aikman debate stirred up last week when the Hall of Famer and three time Super Bowl champion magnanimously said that the current Cowboys quarterback was better than he ever was.

Jones respectively disagreed with his former quarterback regarding his current one. He said Aikman was being modest.

"We all know Troy does his homework and is very contentious and doesn’t deal in lilies, but to me he’s being gratuitous and he’s being modest," Jones said. "I’ve gotten three Super Bowl rings because of what he’s about. I would say one thing. We have any things I think that we agree on, his assessment that Romo is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback is one that we really agree on. But I have a little hard time making the same comparison that he did. I know what troy was and how much what we wouldn’t be today without Troy Aikman, he’s being pretty modest.

Turner, who was the offensive coordinator on Aikman’s three title teams and who has faced Romo as an opponent, intimated that there is no debate and the issue shouldn’t even be up to discussion.

While Romo has already surpassed most of Aikman’s passing records and is on pace to rewrite the Cowboys record books, Turner said his former pupil got it done when it mattered most: late in games and in the playoffs. Romo has one career playoff win.

“To me the whole key to that position and right now the numbers are always inflated so it still comes to playing great in the fourth quarter, playing great with the game on the line, and obviously playing great in the playoffs,” Turner said. “It’s hard to think or for me to name three or four guys that were better than Troy in that situation. So I think Troy was being very nice and diplomatic. There aren’t many guys I would list better than Troy Aikman. It’s not any thing of against Tony Romo or any devaluation. There are a lot of guys who make plays throughout games. There are guys who make special plays when the game’s on the line, plays that make the difference between winning and losing. That was Troy’s greatest strength.”

Jones however wanted it point out that that is even a conversation is a testament to how good Romo is and has been for the Cowboys.

He said the oft-criticized Romo is one of the team’s best asset and the reason the Cowboys will compete for a Super Bowl in the future.

“I think you’re right on it, let’s wait until Romo gets his super bowl and then we can have some fun talking about it legitimately,” Jones said. “The fact we can even sit here and talk like this says why I’m as disappointed as I am about last year and I’m as positive as I am about the years and years to come. This is a legitimate conversation relative to those guys as quarterbacks and football players and leaders, this is fun to do but is legitimate. I’m going to say it one more time, Troy is being too modest.” 

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To be fair, Romo doesn't exactly have anything close to Aikman's supporting cast. Aikman had one of the best offensive lines and defenses of all time. Along with one of the greatest receivers and one of the greatest running backs. Romo would have won with that around him, but instead he is dealing with this mess of a team that Jerry Jones has completely mismanaged. Romo isn't the problem...

Jerry just can't bring himself to admit he made a mistake when he gave Romo that $67 million dollar contract a few years ago...lol. All that money..and we have NOTHING to show for it. Yea Jerry you sure know how to pick them...lol.

"Pick six"

I agree with you about the typos, what a disgrace. They obviously do not check for errors; either that or they simply don't care.

On to Romo vs Aikman. One of Aikman's many strengths that Romo does not have is that Aikman knew how to handle prosperity. When Dallas was up two scores, you wouldn't see Aikman turn the ball over. Romo single-handedly lost two games for the Cowboys last year. (Jets + Lions) Tony Romo doesn't have the ability to process certain things mentally. He doesn't say to himself (and the team) in the huddle that "we shouldn't force anything...a punt here is fine" or "we're inside the 5 YL...even a FG here will put the game out of reach, lets not be stupid".
Tony Romo cannot do that. He has demonstrated that he doesn't have a grip on game situations. So, no way is he in Aikman's league. And I have news for you...until he reaches numerous NFC Championship games, he isn't on Danny White's level, either. When is some pressure going to be put on Romo from within the organization? He needs to wipe the goofy smile off his face, quit doing interviews three minutes before kick-off and get down to business. Time is running out.

Troy Aikman = CLASS

My God - does anyone proofread these articles? Having to wrangle through that mangled phrasing and typo-fest was brutal.

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