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March 29, 2012

Jesse Holley says it was 'a blow' not to be re-signed, but still talking to Cowboys, hopes to be back

Receiver Jesse Holley said he is still talking to the Cowboys and hopes to come back. But if not, he's thankful for the chance the Cowboys gave him and hopes he’s established enough of a body of work to get another NFL job.

“I’m pretty confident that some way, somehow, a team will like me enough to bring me in and give me a fair shot,” he said Wednesday at a charity event in Grapevine. “So I’ll go with that and work my way up the ranks again like I have before. I’ve never been a stranger to hard work or having the odds set against me.”

Holley, an exclusive rights free agent, did not get a contract offer from the Cowboys. That leaves him open to signing with another team or signing a new contract with the Cowboys, who probably did not want to pay him the going rate for an exclusive rights tender.

“I expected for them to at least sign me back,” Holley said. “So it was a blow. But it’s nothing personal. It’s a business. So you go with that.”

Holley has spent three years with the Cowboys since landing a spot in training camp in 2009 by winning a reality show, Michael Irvin’s "4th and Long." The show pitted 12 receivers and cornerbacks in a competition for the 80th spot in the Cowboys’ training camp that year.

Holley won the show, stuck through camp and was signed to the practice squad. In 2010, he was active for 14 games and was the Cowboys’ third-leading tackler on special teams.

Last year, he caught seven passes for 169 yards, including a 77-yard catch to set up a winning field goal in overtime at San Francisco. Six of his seven catches went for first downs. He also played special teams again.

Holley, who said he has been in contact with five other teams, said he would like to come back to the Cowboys and has high hopes for the team this year.

“This team is going to be a good team,” he said. “I’m still a Cowboy at heart. Coach Garrett has really got these guys going in the right direction. He’s brought in a bunch of top-notch free agents. He’s really shored up a lot of holes we had last season. I’m confident that Coach Garrett and Jerry really have this team going in the right direction. Once those guys get here and in the minicamps and get jelled in, I think it will definitely be a team to reckon with next year.”

Holley said right now, he has to remain patient, stay in shape and be ready for his next chance, wherever it is.

“No matter what  happens, I’ll always have a play in Cowboys history,” he said, thinking about his Week 2 catch in San Francisco. He laughed and said, “Hopefully, I’ll be around for a third and fourth play.”

Then he added, “I thank the Cowboys for everything they’ve done for me. It’s been an honor to play for such a great franchise. I hope I can continue to play for them.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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OK HOLD UP....i watched jesse win the fourth and long show and have had high hopes for him and was hoping he would preform like he did and i hope he stays with americas team

but do not start dogging on miles austin he is a great wide reciever and jesse has the potential to be just like him

Hahah bluetooth you need to address your own issues

Check out my article cowboys receive extra 4th rounder at http://www.empowernetwork.com/dustinsstang/blog/dallas-cowboys…rth-round-pick/

Blue Truth you have some serious issues, but I agree with your premise. I would take Holley over Ogletree anyday. His work ethic alone is worth having him around. He fights for the ball, has big hands, and catches his passes. He's not the fastest receiver, but he is proven. He is a great Cowboy, and nice under the radar luxury to have.

Holley got screwed big time. I realize that he amy only be a four WR, maybe only a five however these things are facts:

1. Every ball thrown to him was caught and some were very difficult catches

- Ogletree again did not know the offense and had more reps.

2. Jesse is a good, very good special teams player.

- Ogletree is a joke on special teams.

3. Jesse loved being a Cowboy!

- Ogletree could care less and we know this by his memory of the play-book!

4. Its held against Jesse that he was on a tv show.

- Ogletree has had carte blanche and he took it for granted...JOKE!

I love Jason, but not re-signing Jesse to the minimal/exclusive tender and rewarding a DOG like Kevin Ogletree, who has done nthing to grow or take advantage of his catches.. spits in
the "competition" arguement that we have been hearing about. is a JOKE! So I blame this on BAFOON Jerry!

Hope to see you come back Jesse!!
It be nice to have a guy on the team who likes being a Cowboy and not just for their personal gain.

I know this, Jesse has better hands than Obama Smiley (Miles Austin). Hell, Miles would not even jump or lay out half a foot for aball to win a damn game.

Miles Austin = OVERRATED DOG!

I'd rather keep Holley than Ogletree, that's for sure.

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