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March 24, 2012

Marion Barber's retirement surprises Jason Garrett, who called RB 'the right kind of guy'

Jason Garrett said the retirement announcement of Marion Barber surprised him and said the former Cowboys running back was a pleasure to coach.

“Talk about the right kind of guy,” Garrett said. “He was physical, he was tough, he was passionate, he loved to play football, and we loved having him on our football team. Fourth-round pick. Did a lot of good things for us.”

Barber played for the Chicago Bears last season after the Cowboys released him before training camp.

“He was someone I really enjoyed being around as a person and as a player,” Garrett said.

Barber ran for 4,358 yards and 47 touchdowns in six seasons with the Cowboys. After he scored 24 touchdowns in two seasons despite not being a starter, the Cowboys signed him to a seven-year contract worth $45 million, with $16 million guaranteed.

He had 885 and 932 yards in his next two years, but only 374 in 2010 and was released in 2011 before training camp.

He had 422 yards and six touchdowns with the Bears last year.

-- Carlos Mendez

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Always a Cowboy in my book...Best of Luck Barbarian!

Oh and FYI you may want to check the history of Garrett. He's not who you think he is. He only played football because his dad was the coach on every team he played on from High school to the NFL. So I think it's fair to say he has no clue what he is doing, seeing that he never lead any team he played for to any type of championship. Nor did he ever play for a team his Dad or Brother did not Coach or work for and that would include the Cowboys, do you research, Garret is a FRAUD!

No you would be the idiot. because I think most Cowboys fans could agree cutting Barber was a silly mistake because nobody has been able to replace him. Yes his yardage sucked but did you take into the fact that 3 RB were rotating the ball?

He did good in Chicago, he had one bad game the last 2 minutes of the game. But apparently you missed the other 3 hrs of the game that he had to actually get the Bears in the game and keep them in the game.

I'm guessing you never played a sport in your life. You're probably fat and miserable at home bashing elite athletes. This guy has talent and is good, there was no need for him to quit. But evil fat miserable non athletic people such as yourself go off everything you here one journalist say. Yall not gone be happy until fags are playing football with glitter. Keep on because Marion is just a sign of the first of many real athletes that is showing he is tired of the non sense NFL/TMZ mixture of what is suppose to be football.

Marions career only went bad because the Cowboys were to busy trying to find a replacement so they did not have to cough up that 45mil they agreed too. The only thing that changed Marions game was he got the ball less and naturally that means less yards. So you're the IDIOT!

John23 you are a complete idiot... ahmen end of story. the bigh suprise is that you can actually type...

Well Garraet I think you are to blame. You probably put a whole in his confidence when you rotated 3 backs and used Marion to blame for his lack of yds. I think Marion wanted to play with Dallas. It's obvious Dallas needs a RB, so I think they should ask him to come back if Garret really means what he's saying. It was no need to let Barber go in the first place.

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