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March 27, 2012

Norv Turner says few QBs were better than Aikman, says Hall of Famer was just was being nice about Romo

 Chargers coach Norv Turner weighed in on the Tony Romo-Troy Aikman debate stirred up last week when the Hall of Famer and three time Super Bowl champion magnanimously said that the current Cowboys quarterback was better than he ever was.

Turner, who was the offensive coordinator on Aikman’s three title teams and who has faced Romo as an opponent, intimated that there is no debate and the issue shouldn’t even be up to discussion.

While Romo has already surpassed most of Aikman’s passing records and is on pace to rewrite the Cowboys record books, Turner said his former pupil got it done when it mattered most: late in games and in the playoffs. Romo has one career playoff win.

“I don’t know that I can make an evaluation on Tony,” Turner said. “I see him. I don’t study him. To me the whole key to that position and right now the numbers are always inflated so it still comes to playing great in the fourth quarter, playing great with the game on the line, and obviously playing great in the playoffs. It’s hard to think or for me to name three or four guys that were better than Troy in that situation.

“So I think Troy was being very nice and diplomatic,” Turner continued.  “There aren’t many guys I would list better than Troy Aikman. It’s not any thing of against Tony Romo or any devaluation. There are a lot of guys who make plays throughout games. There are guys who make special plays when the game’s on the line, plays that make the difference between winning and losing. That was Troy’s greatest strength.”

That those situations have been Romo’s greatest weakness was left unsaid by Turner.

 Clarence Hill 


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It seems..Norv..has spoken..lol..It's just Jerry, the DFW media, and what's left of the Romo loyalists who believe Romo can get it done...LMAO...!! Sooner or later Jerry will come to his senses and cut bait with Romo. Since it's too late now..I say..the draft of 2013. Matt Barkley..or..Geno Smith..anyone?

Loved Aikman but seriously with the D they had Troy didnt have to make any late comebacks with the game on the line. And I watched every game Troy played.

I guess Norv would know a little about failing to close the deal. The Chargers have been failing to close the dela since he's been there.

Troy was the best. I think the last paragraph and last line says it all about TR. It would be nice if he brought his A game into the 4th Qtr. And in Dec!!

Of course he would say that. He and Aikman were practically spooning.

That's a bunch of hooey. Aikman very rarely had to bring his team back in the 4th quarter to win a game. They were always winning! He does not have any dramatic 4th quarter drives that I can remember to win games. Aikman was very accurate and a very good player - but somewhat over rated, for sure. He had 2 or 3 other hall of fame skill players on his same team that made him better.

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