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March 16, 2012

Per source, Kyle Kosier will be released, saving Cowboys $1.5 M

As one Cowboys team source put it, "It's a crazy day."

Indeed, hours after the Cowboys seemingly planned to wait until after the NFL Draft to make a decision on the future of guard Kyle Kosier, the team has decided to part ways with the 10-year veteran.

Kosier, who tore a medial collateral ligament in the 2011 season final, became expendable when the Cowboys signed free agent guards Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau to contracts totaling $30 million.

Livings got $19 million over five years on Friday and will likely move into the starting lineup. He started the past two seasons in Cincinnati and 47 total starts in six years.

The Cowboys also are expected to target Stanford guard David DeCastro in the first round of the 2012 Draft.

Kosier's expected departure completes a massive overhaul of the offensive line which began before the 2011 season when the Cowboys released guard Leonard Davis, center Andre Gurode and tackle Marc Colombo. They had parted ways with tackle Flozell Adams the off-season prior.

Kosier, who joined the Cowboys in 2006, missed 16 games the past three seasons but none in 2011. He played three seasons in San Francisco and one in Detroit before coming to Dallas.

Releasing him will save $1.5 million against the salary cap for the Cowboys in what indeed has been a crazy whirlwind week. The Cowboys have signed a team-record seven free agents in addition to parting ways with long-time veterans Kosier and cornerback Terence Newman.

-- Clarence Hill


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Forget drafting an OT or G in round 1 of the draft at position 14. We need a space eating, run stuffing man-mountain at DT on defense that can also bull-rush the QB out of the pocket. 8 of the last 10 SB winners had giant space eating DT manning the middle of their defensive lines. We Cowboys have never ever had one! We've had titanic, mean offensive linemen over the years, but, never ever have the 'Boyz had a giant, bone crusher in the middle of our D-Line.

We need to change that NOW by trading up for the 11th overall pick with KC, 'cause the monster I propose we get won't be there when we pick again at whatever positions we have left after trading up to the 11th pick. The monster I want to see on the 'Boyz next year is DT Dontari Poe out of Memphis. He's 6-4 and weighs 350lb. He ran a 4.87 40!!! He did 44 reps at 225lbs. He's a beast. My sister and her husband saw him play last year and he looked like a man amongst boys. He was tossin' people around like rag dolls. Teams played away from him otherwise his numbers would of been off the charts and he would have been the #1 overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.

But, as always, if JJ hasn't thought of it first, he won't do it. I see no reason for him to change now. If you stay at the 14th pick JJ, and Dontari is not available (he won't be), I suggest you take your strong safety and then pick at #45 another powerful, fast D-Lineman in Derek Wolfe of Cincinnati. He's 300lbs, fast, strong, and smart. He can speed rush or bull rush and get the runner or QB. He's a baby at 20 and a good weight room trainer like the 'Boyz have in Woicik could add 20-30lbs of muscle on him without losing any speed. Then you've got something.

Will the JJ run 'Boyz do the above? Probably not. I'm getting sick of the average overall drafting and free agents not working out for my 'Boyz. JJ you listen to the fans this time!

Kosier was a mistake when we signed him and thank GOD he is gone now. He can barely stay healthy and when he is, he's at best average. Yes he was better than Davis, but is that really saying something. In fact if the guy who wanted to pick his own groceries stood buy the guy he drafted, Stephen Peterman who beat Kosier for his Lions gig, we would ahve hit on a draft pick. Also, that entire idea when the O-line does not talk to the media is a joke, although who can blame them for not wanting to talk to the local press clowns (DMN and FWSTARTELEGRAM).

Thanks for your effort Kyle. Hey, the best aprt of this means we are not going to give up on Nagy and Arkin for old men or "solid" replacements.

Kosier should have been released like before last season. Lenny....good point on Doug Free, but he's not the only overpaid player residing at Valley Ranch. There are still others.

@Cal Rudd: Whatever you say 'O draft pick psychic genius. Problem is Jerry ain't gonna listen to nobody but himself..lol

If they are smart they will find a trade partner in the draft and move into 20's where they could pick a stud OT/G like ahemmmmm , Cordy Glenn. Pick up and extra 2nd and 3rd and really get this thing going which I'd rather have . Give me Glenn who can start at Guard and be your first backup swing OT on game day. Much better value at 20 something and better than picking up DeCastro at 14 and having to wait till 48 to pick again... This would be a steal because they could use this extra picks to move back into first to grab the center we all want in Konz or even use it to get some quality players in round two like a S,CB,OLB,WR/KR and still possible have that extra third round pick to go with ours..... Looking even better is the fact that we might get an extra 4th compensation pick cause of losing S.Bowen last year..this would be awesome

@LENNY: Free wasn't that bad. But he was playing out of position. He was a decent RT that was moved to the LT position after Adams was cut. We had such a dominate LT for so many years JJ had it on the brain that anyone could play the LT position. He found out he was wrong (as usual). Hopefully Smith will be able to continue to develop and become a dominate LT. I think Free will show he is a good RT again this season.

Kind of sorry to see Kosier go. He wasnt great, but very workmanlike and was cheap. Hopefully one year when it doesnt mean serious cap implications, we read Doug Free has been shown the door out of town. Was there a bigger dog on the Cowboys last year than Doug Free? This clown gets his cash and turns into one of the biggest stiffs in the last 10 years. Couldnt block, committed terrible penalties...
Doug Free = Overpaid Stiff

I like the idea of drafting Decastro. But I'd take a stud pass rusher if one was available instead.

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