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March 21, 2012

RG3 impresses the Redskins and the Colts, though he likely will go second overall

Quarterback Robert Griffin III looked the part of a top draft pick Wednesday at Baylor's Pro Day. He completed 78-of-84 throws, with four drops and two bad passes. He overthrew Kendall Wright on a 45-yard bomb, and he missed Brian Hernandez on an out route.

“I can’t believe they’d have any questions after that,” said Terry Shea, a former college and NFL coach who also worked with Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford and Josh Freeman before their Pro Days. “He demonstrated different ball speeds. He demonstrated different angles of throws. He was very accurate from 18-21 yards. You just don’t find that in a college quarterback every day.”

Griffin impressed even the Indianapolis Colts, whose contingent included head coach Chuck Pagano and offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen. On Wednesday night, the Colts’ brass left Waco for Palo Alto, Calif., where they will watch Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck throw Thursday.

The Colts still are expected to draft Luck first overall, with Griffin going second to the Redskins. The Redskins had owner Dan Snyder, Allen, head coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in town, and Griffin and his family had dinner with them Tuesday night at OneThirtyFive Prime, a steakhouse in Waco.

Griffin said he believes he has done enough to be the top pick, but he already has established a bond with the Redskins.

“It’s up to them; it’s whatever they decide,” Griffin said of the Colts. “They’re going to go to Andrew’s Pro Day [today]. I’m not going to close the book on [going first overall]. But it’s kind of down to two teams, it seems.”

The Redskins swapped first-round picks with the Rams, getting the second overall pick in exchange for a second-round pick this year, a first-rounder in 2013 and a first-rounder in 2014. They will get their franchise quarterback. The only question is which one. That is up to the Colts.

"Obviously, the Colts have the first pick, and we'll wait and see what they do," Allen, the Redskins GM, said. "We wanted to move up early, just so we knew what we were going to get in the draft. We feel very good about it."

The Redskins' contingent, like that of the Colts, left Waco for Palo Alto, Calif., impressed with what they saw from RG3.

“I don’t think there were any surprises,” Allen told the Star-Telegram. “He’s a talented player, and we're going to go see another talented player [Thursday].

"...What you saw on tape all year and his entire career, you got to see up close and personal. He had a good workout.”

-- Charean Williams




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Still don't understand why Jerry didn't throw his name in the RGIII sweepstakes.


RG III should go first over all

Luck has plateued


Jerry would have been impressed himself if that 'idiot' would have been there. If Jerry would have been there and seen RGIII and his mates Pro Day..Jerry would have said to himself...'Man! What was I thinking in not making a play for RGIII!!!'...LOL

Wow! Thanks for this great Cowboys news about RGIII! Oh yeah, half of the city will be walking around with their bandwagon RGIII Skins jerseys.


TO think that the city of Dallas cares more about college football compared to the only thing that made the nation forget JFK was shot in Dallas..well, that's pathetic and sad.

If David Wilson is available at #14, we have GOT to take him. Felix is a INJURY NIGHTMARE and David Wilson IS THE next LT. You will have to trust me.

He holds the Va State High School Triple Jump record and he was just coming in this year for Va tech. He is a winner, guys.

WATCH and SEE !besides, we can trade injury prone Felix.

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