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March 27, 2012

Romeo Crennel says Brandon Carr is a proven and tough cornerback who will fit well in Rob Ryan’s system in Dallas

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel watched cornerback Brandon Carr grow from lowly fifth round pick to proven starter before signing a $50.1 million contract to join the Cowboys.

He said the Cowboys are getting a hardworker who was battled tested against some of the best receivers in the NFL and who will be perfect for defensive coordinator Rex Ryan’s system in Dallas.

"First of all, he's been able to line up on the field and go one-on-one with some of the top receivers in our division and some of the top receivers in the NFL to prove he can cover, that he can handle the pressure it takes to play that position,'' Crennel said. "If he has a bad play, he's able to put that behind him and go on and play the next one. I've seen him develop and grow in confidence.

"I think they have a good player and he will fit well in Rob (Ryan's) system.''

Crennel said Carr has it all: size, strength, speed and toughness. He said he still has room to improve by getting his hands on the ball for more interceptions.

"I think they're getting a very good cover corner,'' Crennel said. "He's got length. He's got speed. He's developed a mental toughness about playing the position.

"I saw him improve the two years he was with us. He became a very consistent corner, making plays on the ball. If there is one thing that Brandon can do better and probably will do better is begin to intercept the ball more.''

Of Carr’s eight career interceptions, four came last season. So that’s an area he is already improving in.

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Im optimistic because my wife can cover better than T. Newman

We shall see.

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