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March 05, 2012

Should the Cowboys give Anthony Spencer a long-term deal?

The Cowboys gave outside linebacker Anthony Spencer the franchise tag Monday. Spencer is guaranteed $8.8 million in 2012. Dallas has franchised only two players previously, and the team worked out new deals for Ken Hamlin and Flozell Adams before the season.

So should the Cowboys give Spencer a long-term deal?

Cast your vote, or post in the comments below.

Clarence E. Hill Jr., writer: No, I would tag him and give him one more year to produce. If he doesn't, then I would cut bait. I would still draft a pass rusher in first three rounds. You can never have too many, and you would have his replacement if you let him walk next year. 

Charean Williams, writer: Not no, but heck no. I realize Spencer is only 28. I know he is good against the run. I realize he is always in the lineup, having started all 16 games the past three seasons, and I understand there aren't many options this year. But 21.5 sacks in five seasons? That says it all. This league, as I've said many times on here, is about the quarterback and pass rushers. If you don't have them, you're not going to win consistently. The Texans didn't have a lot of options outside of Mario Williams at outside linebacker going into the 2011 season, and they seem to have done all right by drafting them. The Cowboys need to spend a high draft pick on an outside linebacker that Spencer understands they are grooming to replace them. Then, see what happens....

Carlos Mendez, writer: They shouldn't give him a long-term deal. Spencer can make plays, and he has here and there. But for the life of a four- or five-year deal? That's a long-shot bet right now. This is a player you need to keep on a short leash. One year, two years, to keep him motivated. That's the challenge here for the Cowboys. They have to keep fire in this guy's belly. A franchise tag might sound like a reward in his mind. He might get to thinking he's made it. The Cowboys don't need an Anthony Spencer who thinks he's at the mountaintop.

David Humphrey, editor: Yes. Anthony Spencer might not be spectacular, but his play doesn't lose games, and he has a lot of potential. Giving him a long-term deal keeps the Cowboys from guessing on unknowns. Also, owner/general manager Jerry Jones has paid a lot of money for potential in the past, so why stop now?



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Awesome page you’ve got in here. thanks for sharing.

Bottomline, this is a 4-12 team. It wouldn't surprise me if Jethro keeps Newman, James, Brooking, Ball, Sensabaugh and Spencer and keep them all as starters.

Look at who Anthony Spencer played against last season.

The following grades are from Pro Football Focus, they listed 76 offensive tackles last season.

Phi RT Todd Herremans (+2.4, 26th)
N.Y.Jets RT Wayne Hunter (-31.1,72nd)
S.F. RT Anthony Davis (-15.0, 58th) Wash RT Jammal Brown (-18.5, 62nd) Det RT Cosder Cherilus (-6.7, 38th) N.E. RT Nate Solder (-2.2, t33rd)
St.Louis RT Jason Smith (-6.2, 37th)
Sea RT James Carpenter (-21.4, 63rd) Buf RT Erik Pears (-4.3, 36th)
Mia RT Marc Colombo (-26.7, 69th)
Ari RT Jeremy Bridges (-7.7, 42nd),
N.Y.G RT Kareem McKenzie (-22.8, 65th) Bucs RT Jeremy Trueblood (-30.6, 71st)

Herremans is the only RT on the list with an above average grade for the season and he was on the bottom end. There were only two positive grades following him .

Everyone else graded below average and in many cases they were the worst offensive grades on their teams or very close.

Spencer should've dominated these RTs.

We're talking about bad players who had awful years and Spencer was a ghost most of the time in a contract season.

It's pathetic.

The only long term deal Spencer should get is standing in the unemployment line. Send him to never-never land with Barbie Carpenter.

Jerry should cut his losses with Spencer after next season. For a guy like Spencer to come right out and admit he takes plays off probably didn't deserve to get franchised. Frankly, Jerry should have let him test the market. For the lack of production from Spencer with him being a first round pick I put the blame on him first with his comment of taking plays off, but I'd put most of the blame on Jerry and his scouting department. They tried to strike lighting in a bottle twice. They succeeded when they used a first round pick on a defensive end in college..D. Ware..and made him a pass rushing outside linebacker. The tried to do it again with Spencer who played defensive end at Purdue. It has failed. If you need an outside linebacker in the draft...just draft a outside linebacker. The Cowboys are notorious for drafting guys who played one position in college and immediately change their position when they get to Valley Ranch. No wonder we don't have the talent on defense as Jerry says...lol.

Outstanding article on the stupidity of franchising Spencer here.


I'm on board with everything there. No to the tag, maybe on a long term deal, but only if it's reasonable.

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