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March 09, 2012

TE Martellus Bennett not coming back to Dallas, says he wants to be No. 1, 60-catch guy

Tight end Martellus Bennett acknowledged the obvious during an appearance on Pro Football Talk Live on Friday when he said he didn’t want to come back to Dallas as a backup to Jason Witten. He becomes a free agent Tuesday and plans to look for a team that would make him the starter and the focal point of the offense.

"I want to be the No. 1 guy," Bennett said. "I feel like I'm a 60-catch-plus guy on a team, so I want to be in a system where I could do (that). I think a lot of people say the hybrid tight ends or the new type of tight ends are the ones to catch the ball, but I think the perfect tight ends are the ones who could actually block and do things with the ball after they catch it." 

Bennett has caught only 85 passes for 846 yards and four touchdowns with Cowboys since being a second round pick in 2008 out of Texas A&M. He has not caught a touchdown pass since his rookie season.

Bennett was the team’s best blocking tight end but was considered a disappointment by the Cowboys, because he didn’t have more of an impact in the passing game. They will not try to re-sign him.

Bennett believes he didn’t get enough opportunities and hopes to find a team that believes in him. He is the best tight end on the free-agent market, younger and healthier than Dallas Clark, who was cut by Indianapolis. Miami is certainly an option where former Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman is the offensive coordinator.

"I want a team that believes in me and the things I'm capable of doing," Bennett said. "I still believe I haven't yet scratched the surface of my potential, and I'm only getting better and better daily, even now. So, I think the sky is the limit for me and really I just want to be in a good organization that believes in the things that I can do and what I bring and what I have to offer."

-- Clarence Hill


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See ya. There's 10 more just like you in this years draft. Hope you're on the schedule this year. You can drop passes in our favor for change.

I can't believe MB thinks he is ready to be the #1 guy. Yeah, I agree he should get a little more playing time, but he's not doing anything with the time he does get. MB LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR BODY; YOUR A 6"6" TIGHT END. PLAY LIKE A 6"6" TE, AND CATCH THE DAMN BALL, then you'll become a star! YOU AND ALOT OF GUY ON THE TEAM HAVN'T EARNED THE STAR ON YALL'S HELMETS. STOP COMPLAINING AND EARN YOUR STAR.

Not so fast my friend Clarence...Cowboys.Com reported that the Cowboys had a meeting with Marty B. today. It seems the meeting was very productive and positive. Time will tell though on what Jerry intends to do at the tight end spot behind Jason Witten..

aaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaa sheesh, did this even deserve an article?

If he wants to be a "60 catch guy", the QB of what ever team signs him is going to have to hit right between the numbers at least 120 times. He also needs to learn how to block. He was a big disappointment for the 'boys.

Bennett can't catch he has a better chance on being an offense lineman on the second team

Martellus Bennett wants to be the No. 1 guy? He doesn't think that a 2-TE hybrid would be successful? Did he see the two teams who were in the Super Bowl this year? The Patriots somehow were able to satisfy both of their star tight ends by throwing to each of them--and THEY ACTUALLY CAUGHT THE FOOTBALL!
But I'm still stunned to hear that Martellus feels that he's a No. 1 tight end? Who's more delusional here: Martellus or Jerry Jones??
Clarence, you've been covering the NFL for many a year now, so please give me your opinion: shouldn't young players in today's NFL actually earn the right to start for any position, rather than simply demand it, as Martellus seems to be doing? Can anyone look at Martellus' body of work thus far (I use that term loosely) and say that he merits a starting TE job in the NFL? Maybe he should go play for the NFL team in Los Angeles, right next to Disneyland. There, he can live out his fantasies all the day long.

The only way that Martellus Bennett can EVER be #1 is as the #1 bust on Dallas's draft that year. Goodbye and good riddance. I hope you enjoy playing Arena Football or working at Home Depot.

When we were @ training camp in Oxnard, Ca., a couple years ago, this guy standing next to my wife yells out, "come on Bennett, step up this year." To which Bennett replied," f*#$ you!"
That, too me, showed his attitude. Good riddance Marty B!

He is going to have to step his game up just to keep playing ........ ANYWHERE!!!

I wonder how he figures hes a 60 catch guy when he couldnt make the 2 catches he was given a game. He was a turnover or penalty waiting to happen.

If he put half the time in his football carrer as he did in his youtube videos he might actually be half good.

I just wish that MB would take the cow's DA/IDIOT Owner/GM/HC/OC/DC and chief sock counter/Jock Sniffer with him.
Cow fans PLEASE make EVERY home game a TV Black Out, make Jaharry World at least half empty.

Wow! ANOTHER dillusional Aggie!

I believe that's one of the majors offerer at Texas A&M.

MB thinks he's a #1 receiver?!
Laughable....and then again so sad.

The whole Aggie group seems to believe they are a powerhouse program. Well, they haven't been a consistent winner since R.C. Slocum was the headcoach (AND THE AGGIES FIRED HIM!!).

There's a reason there are so many Aggie jokes.
Martellus Bennett is just the newest one.

Marty B. has been at this level what he projected in College, great talent but lazy and a self centered average player.

Bryant has been what he was in College also, a great potential but a kid in men's clothing. He will never be a better than below average player.

Jones loves these types of players, it's like a cat toying with a mouse.

Expecting anything better on draft from Jerry is a waste of time, his "talent" picker is broke and the Cowboy's GM won't replace the head draft day guru with someone who really knows football talent.

I'd say we need to draft a new owner.

Well Marty it's not the Cowboys fault that you suck. If you had caught half the passes thrown to you over the last year you more than likely you would have caught 60 passes. No, you come in, play one game, and then sit your lazy a** on the bench pretending to be "hurt". So long bench warmer. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

You come int to the league all fired up about playing and are probably willing to accept anything to get on the field....and then slowly but surely you realize that this may not happen, so you either keep working on your game to try to make an impact or you give up or don't go full blast....or you slack off a bit...this happens all the time, therefore the Cowboys should have seen this coming from Bennett. No surprise here. What would have been interesting to me, would have been to see what would have happened if Witten would have had to miss 3-4 games...I wonder which Bennett would have shown up. Either way, time to move on, but I just hope that someone within the Cowboys organization learns from having chosen Bennett and Choice, because both of these players showed promise, but somehow it was squandered by the Cowboys or maybe, like most people the scouting department does not have a good feel for measuring the 'intangibles'.

What happened to all of my well thought out comments?

Sorry for all of the negative comments, but I have no trust in the GM....right now, the only thing that sort of gives me some 'hope' is that Garrett really can effect some change, but a telling comment to me was when Jerry endorsed Brooking coming back and Garrett was non-commital. A great GM would learn to shut up and let the coach speak about those type decisions.

Name the number 1 picks for the Cowboys over the last couple of years and then rate them from Great to Bust.

Smith - too early to tell.
Bryant - good - still too early to tell.
Jenkins - good to average
Jones - average
Spencer - average
Carpenter - Bust
Spears - average/Ware - very good
Newman - good to average

I know that this is subjective, but for all the number 1 picks that the Cowboys have had the last couple of years, they have only hit a 'home run' with Ware, maybe with Bryant and with Smith it is still a bit early to tell. With a track record like that...is it any wonder why the Cowboys are mired in mediocrity?

Newman - average

Bennett was another wasted draft pick....just like Tashard Choice! So, it is either the scouting department or the GM or coaches that suck or both, but the bottom line is that they are NOT doing a good job in finding, drafting and developing players!!

I think Bennett just wants a coaching staff that will direct more plays toward him and had the Cowboys done that early enough in his career, then this most likely would have motivated Bennett even more. It most likely was a combination of the Cowboys wanting more from Bennett and Bennett wanting more from the Cowboys, that resulted in lower production from Bennett. The Cowboys, however, should have seen this coming, because the story on Bennett coming out of the draft was that one had to keep their foot on him to get him to work. In order to make this work though, you have to give someone a challenge and a reward. The Cowboys organization seems to think that just playing for the Cowboys is a great 'thing', well after 16 seasons the glory of the Star has faded!

Is he aware he has to learn how to catch the football first?

Bye, Bye MB and good riddence. Just ANOTHER WASTED pick made by Jaharry.

I will be glad to see you gone you were a waste of time and money in Dallas.Any team that wants to sign you should just watch hard knocks,there they will find every reason not to sign you.You are uncoachable,disrespectful,andplayers like you do not deserve to be in the nfl.Good luck with any team signing you.and as for D. Clark you could never be as good as him but you might could carry has jock strap loser.

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