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March 20, 2012

To all asking about Tim Tebow to the Cowboys, remember this Jerry Jones comment on Tebow in 2010

To all those wondering if the Cowboys should make a play for Tim Tebow, remember Jerry Jones' slam of the former Florida quarterback before the 2010 draft when he was secretly recorded while drinking at a bar.

Jones was asked if the Cowboys had any interest in draft Tebow and here was his response.

"Why?" Jones said. "He'd never get on the field. I can't get him out there."

Jones later clarified the comments saying he meant that he was satisfied with the quarterbacks on the team, led by starter Tony Romo.

Given that Romo is still the starter and the Cowboys just signed Kyle Orton to a three-year deal, the answer to any question of about the team's interest in Tebow should be the same.

"Why?" Jones said. "He'd never get on the field. I can't get him out there."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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The Jets got him!!...lol....

Who says Tebow has to be a QB?

Just imagine the biggest name in football right now, TTTTTEEEEEBBBBOOOWWW!! joining with the biggest franchise in history, with the most famous owner!! I see opposing defenses freaking out trying to figure out how to stop our running game with Demarco and TTTEEBBOWWW!!! C'mon JERRY BE BOLD!! UNLEASH THE TTTTTEEEEEBBBBOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

TEEEEBBBOOOWWWW!!!! Bring TEBOW, to BIG "D" BABYYYYYY!!!! Jerry here is ur chance to make history. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT pass this once in a lifetime chance to make the biggest news in football history. Jerry u fired TOM LANDRY for goodness sake!! U srvived. Now bring the TEBOW, and separate urself from all these others, it will be the greatest trade ever, and u can get him for nothin! This is a no brainer. I love Romo, he is our guy no doubt, but if he gets hurt and we send in the baller TEBOW, the earth will stop spinning, and history will be re-written forever. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, TTTTTEEEEEBBBBOOOOWWWW TIME IN BIIIIGGGGG DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! Jerry u can get him on the field!!! U own the dam field!!!!! TTTTTTTTEEEEEBBBBOOOOWWWW belongs in BIG D!!!

Tebow? No thanks!! We can wait until the draft of 2013 for Matt Barkley or Geno Smith.

@ralph: We need linebackers too......

I don't want Tebow...but is Mr. Hill to say JJ could not change his mind? I bet Hill's employer hired him because they thought he'd be a great writer..but all they have a is a self-rightous cry baby that butchers facts!!

We already have a Good TE in Witten

Dallas would have to outbid a team willing to pay extra for TebowMania so No we should not trade for Tebow

* Poor Timing

* Poor Accuracy

* Poor Mechanics

* Runs too much

The only Position I am willing to give up the farm for at this point is a Pocket COllapsing Nose Tackle - I won't trade away the farm for a back up QB

You are an idiot !

Tebow is a linebacker playing quarterback

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