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March 28, 2012

Video: Jason Garrett talks about season opener and free agency

At the NFL owners meeting, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett discussed the selection of the team to play in the season-opening game against the New York Giants. He also commented on the Cowboys' free agent signings.




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Personally the stinking league is using us to get high TV rating a. They need us big time and how do they repay us, they take cap space away from us... Funny how this works. Also teams like the bucs spent under and nobody penalized then for it although there wasn't technically a low ceiling but there was a wink wink via the owners.... Where are those teams penalties... The cheap owners???

Jason Garrett better be learning how to manage in-game situations, he cost Dallas a win last year. If thats Tom Coughlin, Belichik, jeff Fisher or a few others, that arizona game is a "W".

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