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March 29, 2012

Witten confident in John Phillips but says Cowboys can't have enough tight ends

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said a backup tight is going to be important for the Cowboys. It’s the only spot that got away during free agency.

“I think in this offense, you can’t have enough of them,” Witten said at a charity event in Grapevine on Wednesday night. “I’m sure after the draft, they’ll address that. ... Especially after losing Laurent, you can’t have enough of those weapons because you can do so many things with the tight end position.”

But Witten said he and the Cowboys have confidence in fourth-year tight end John Phillips.

“He’s a gamer. He finds ways to make plays,” he said.

The Cowboys signed seven free agents and re-signed one of their own, wide receiver Kevin Ogletree. Witten called it “probably the best” free agent period the Cowboys have had in his 10 years in Dallas.

“I’m excited about those guys,” Witten said. “Being able to meet them, they’re all great guys. When you look at our team, you kind of circle areas of concern or you want to see addressed, those are all the ones that we did.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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@Mr Fantastic: How can anyone miss Marty B's blocking skills when he was never on the field playing. He'd go out for one down, fake injury, and sit on the bench and eat peanuts the rest of the game. The only thing wrong about Marty B's departure was it was two years too late.

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As mush as everyone hated on Bennett and with good reason at times, his blocking skills will be missed.

Witten had a 'coachspeak' moment. He said he has confidence in Phillips, but the Cowboys can't have enough tight ends on the team. What he meant to say was...'Jerry better get another tight end or two in here beside Phillips if he expects me to continue to lead this team in catches. I'm not blocking anyone.'.....lol.

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