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April 13, 2012

Bradie James, once on pace to challenge the tackles record, leaves as 6th all-time leading tackler

Linebacker Bradie James leaves the Cowboys as the team's sixth all-time leading tackler.
After becoming the only player in team history to lead the club in tackles for six straight years, there was a chance that James could potentially threaten Darren Woodson's club record. 
But that was before James went from his final season as tackles leader in 2010 to a part time player in 2011 under new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.
James, who had at least 109 tackles in the previous six seasons, finished with just 53 tackles in what was his final season with the Cowboys.
His contract expired and the Cowboys showed no interest in bringing him back for a 10th year, prompting James to sign a one-year deal with the Houston Texans on Thursday.
The ironic part is that not only did James not come close to challenging Woodson is that he finished behind Dexter Coakley, the man he replaced when Bill Parcells came in and said he didn't want any more midget linebackers.
Cowboys all-time leading tacklers
Darren Woodson: 1,350
Lee Roy Jordan: 1,236
Randy White: 1,104
Dexter Coakley: 1,046
Ed Jones: 1,032
Bradie James 1,009 

Clarence Hill


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On a side note: Jerry puts in LArry Allen and CHarles Haley into the ROH and NOT DARREN WOODSON??? If not for D-Wood, we don't have home field advantage in 1993 and no one is tallking about Emmitt Smith and his sepearted shoulder. Make no mistake, Darren Woodson SAVED our asses that day and he was the best safety in the damn league for years. Now on to Bradie and YES its a re-print form the previous posting..

Good luck Bradie! You're a class act! Just a quick story about Bradie, The night before the MNF here in Philly 2005 (November) the Cowboys Radio Road Show took place deep in Center City about two miles from the stadium and Bradie was the special gues. bradie chatted with us, signed anything and everything plus took pictures. It was really cool and some loser college kids and beagles fans were going to start stuff until a few of us went up and pretty much threatened their lives...there were about 7 of us in the bar that night. Bradie was awesome.

The day after we won, the front page of the sports was BRadie drilling McNabb that actually put him out for the rest of the year. I sent him two, one for me to sign and another one for himself...not less than 14 days I got it back and Bradie wrtoe tunz of awesome stuff on it to me...BRADIE JAMES IS CLASS and truly loved the REAL fans. Unfortunately, Bradie and a lof of the team have to put up with losers with signs outside Valley Ranch that don't even bother to go to a game.

This is what sucks about football, wish he could have retired a Cowboy.
A despise Houston a little less today...GOD BLESS BRADIE!

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