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April 18, 2012

**Breaking**Cowboys bring in LSU's DE Michael Brockers for final pre-draft visit; could last be first?

It was curious when LSU DE Michael Brockers was not on the initial list of national pre-draft visitors brought in by the Cowboys two weeks ago.

Back then, the Cowboys said they knew all the needed to know about Brockers and were interested.

Given that the the Cowboys' first pick in each of the last six years has been someone they brought in for a visit, the last minute trip by Brockers takes on added significance as the Cowboys hone in on players they are targeting for the 14th overall pick in the draft.

According to a source, Brockers was spotted at the team's facility this morning on a visit that was set up over the last few days.

Brockers is projected to go anyway between 10 and 20 in the first round. He has already visited the Eagles, Titans, Panthers, Patriots, Rams and Bengals.

Brockers is among the four players the Cowboys are likely considering at 14, including defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle Dontari Poe and safety Mark Barron.

Clarence Hill


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Wow- a big DE from LSU that can't get to the QB...Don't we have that guy already??

"It's very difficult to play our scheme if you don't have a good nose tackle." We have needed a true NT after Jason Ferguson gone. Pick Poe, first. We also pick Amini Silatolu in the 2nd. He might be the next Larry Allen. Mychal Kendricks in the 3rd will be converted to a great SS as well as Darren Woodson.

My bet is a trade down and then selecting either McClellin or Hightower.

There are only two players that could fall to 14th worthy of the pick: DeCastro
or Cox. If those guys are gone then I think Dallas should trade down to gather 2nd & 3rd rd picks.
There seems to be plenty of starter type talent in rounds two and maybe even three.

Just so long as it's a lineman - defense or offense - I'm good. We need bigger, better beasts in the trenches to win more games. It's that simple.

Good D-Tackles will be available in the 2nd round in Mike Martin and Kendall Retes. Get Barron, Konz, or DeCastro in the first.

JJ ain't gonna draft Brockers. This is dog and pony show for the media is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide his real top targets in the draft. Either Poe or Barron.

SMH....another Marcus Spears. Raw but with potential to be great. I see the Cowboys still love "potential" great players i.e.(McGee, Bennett, Jones, Carpenter). Trade down a few spots if possible. There will be plenty of those type of guys in the late 1st round through the 4th round. The more picks the Cowboys have the better chance of hitting on these types of "potential" players. Our GM and HC suck dude.

You never really know but my hunch is that Brockers may very well be the Cowboys pick.

Fletcher Cox and David Decastro would be great picks but likely won't be there when the Cowboys pick at 14. Dontari Poe is an intriguing physical specimen however he doesn't have the production (even at a lower level of competition) to warrant the pick. He's a workout warrior.

There's been a lot of talk about Mark Barron. He's a good player but he's a step slow & do we really want another Roy Williams (strong against the run but a liability in coverage)?

Brockers is beast. He is young, raw and he was only a one year starter but has major upside. He's got the motor, the temperament and the physical tools to be a dominant player with some coaching and time. Also, he won't need to an immediate stater. If Brockers, Cox and Decastro are all gone, I think the Cowboys will trade down.

This kid has been slated to eb a potential bust and if anyone wants to know the truth, he visited the Beagles and they have drafted two busts in the first rounds the past two eyars...opps, don't tell Gosselin from the DM News, that would be too truthful and break his heart.

We need a D lineman but HIM???

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