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April 28, 2012

Cowboys sign Memphis guard Ronald Leary, leaving Jerry Jones beaming

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones interrupted his own press conference Saturday night for a quick update: the Cowboys had signed undrafted guard Ronald Leary of Memphis.

Leary was expected to be a mid-round draftee, but he has a chronic knee injury that threatens to limit his career.

But Jones, wrapping up the draft for reporters, was clearly happy to have signed the 6-3, 315-pound senior because the Cowboys coaches believe he can step in and play almost immediately.

 “It’s about how long he can play,” Jones said. “That’s why he fell to where he fell. ... The coaches think he might be the readiest to come in here and help us more than any offensive lineman.”

After not drafting an offensive linemen in the three-day draft, Jones said it was a relief to get Leary.

“I really wanted to come out here impacting the offensive line,” Jones said. “We are making a lot of it. I want to make a lot of it. We debated all the way down if we should take him. It was a gamble.”

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones declined to answer questions about the injury.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones declined to answer questions about the injury, but it was clear the Cowboys wanted to land the guard.

“He has an opportunity to come in and contribute immediately,” Jerry Jones said. “We’re proud of that. We do have him. We really debated for the last two weeks as to how to put in action, or how to make a decision, relative to a risk issue that is subjective to some degree. ... It’s a longer-term thing. We’re ready to take that risk. He’s a good player, someone that you guys recognize as someone that can help the offensive line.”

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I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts. thank you for sharing great information to us.

Sorry Romo you are going to be runnig for your life again no proven lineman not enen one drafted. Dallas has an opportunity in several rounds for a tackle in massie they blew it, this team is not romo friendly its the end of a degrading team that use to be called AmericA Team no we are thevdoor matts of the NFL!!!

Beaming from all the Garrett juice he is drinking Drunk Stupid!!!

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Being a faithful Cowboy fan since the days of Don Meridith and Bob Hays. I have seen Good drafts and bad drafts. The up's and down's of the Cowboys seasons. TODAY. I would like to say congradulation to Jerry Jones and company. Head coach Jasson Garrett and defensive cordinator Rex Ryan give the cowboys the one, two punch that the cowboys needed. With the free agency market and 2012 draft picks. Jones has provided the cowboys with individuals that can put points on the board. But more importantly, he added the personel necessary to keep other teams out of the win colume. With hard work and dedication to be the best they can be. Ladies and Gentelmen I believe you are now looking at the beggining of a DYNASTY.

@ Homer, so why are you still standing in the Cowboys line here?

It does not cost the Cowboys to see what Leary can do, but Leary should evaluate whether playing football is the 'thing' to do. I know it is hard enough to leave the sport one loves, especially with the amount of money one can make, but is it worth the life long pain after football? As a former paratrooper (+20 years) just retired...all that so called 'fun stuff' that one does when one is young and relatively healthy comes back in terms of constant pain and disabling injuries.....so, I understand,while one is young how difficult it is to let go, but if one already has a degenerative knee condition, then one should really thing hard whether playing professional football is worth it.

I am no longer the eskimo buying ice from Jerry Jones. "Chronic knee injury" = can't play more than a couple games.

Another long shot - Probably blows out his knee in his first game.

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