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April 17, 2012

Five thoughts on the Cowboys schedule from Carlos Mendez

1. The Cowboys aren’t going to catch Robert Griffin III as a wide-eyed rookie, are they? If the Redskins draft the Baylor quarterback -- and they will -- it looks like he is going to have more than half a season of seasoning before the Cowboys get to test him on Thanksgiving. For RGIII, that increases the chances he’ll see some of what Rob Ryan will plan against him, not only from other teams, but from watching Cowboys tape.

2. Speaking of quarterbacks, the Cowboys don’t get any breaks. They’re going to see good ones every week except two: Week 3 at home against Tampa Bay and Josh Freeman and Week 11 against the Browns and Colt McCoy. After that? Eli twice. Vick twice. Matt Ryan. The AFC Central guys – Big Ben, Flacco, Dalton. Plus Cam Newton, who ran for three times as many touchdowns last year as the Cowboys. And of course, Brees. Geez.

3. The Cowboys again get the Sunday before Thanksgiving at home, and this time, they get the game after at home, too. What a valuable asset. There are enough outside-world distractions around Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. At least this year, travel isn’t one of them.

4. Cold weather? A little, but not too bad. The two cold-weather trips are to Cincinnati in Week 14 and to Washington in Week 17. The typical high lows for Dec . 9 in Cincinnati are 42 and 33, and for Washington on Dec. 30, it’s 44 and 29. Both games are noon kickoffs, but I wouldn’t bet they stay that way.

5. The Cowboys are 14-11 at Cowboys Stadium. Not much of an advantage yet, is it? Whatever sliver of an edge the Cowboys get from the place, it can’t be wasted this year. They’ll need it in the stretch run, when they get five out of six at home between mid-November and late December. And one of those games, against Pittsburgh, might end up looking like a neutral site.

-- Carlos Mendez

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Now I am on the east coast, so please correct me if I am wrong. But I have to believe that part of the reason that Dallas doesnt really have a home field advantage is because so many of the REAL fans cannot afford what it costs to attend a game(s). I know I couldnt afford to go regularly. probably happens at other stadiums too, but I would imagine it is even more costly at JJ's stadium. One thing is certain, there isnt a team in the NFL that fears playing in Dallas.

This years schedule is another proven fact that the NFC East is the toughest division and the teams that make the playoffs out of the East always have a great shot to win the Super Bowl. This schedule holds true to that, going to be another fight to the end in the NFC East.

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