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April 11, 2012

"Hell No, That's inaccurate!", says Cowboys brass on report that team has talked about trading Felix Jones

This being season of misinformation, rumor and inuendo means that every thing reported these days should be looked at with a crossed eye.

That being said, an ESPN note today regarding the possibilty of the Cowboys getting rid of running back Felix Jones if they drafted a running back _ powered by the fact that they supposedly even had internal discussions about trading him _ caused me to run the info up the flag pole at the team's Valley Ranch training complex.

From the scouting department to the front office, the texts came back "no", "not at all" to "Hell No! Totally Inaccurate."

The latter came from the front office.

Again, this is season of misinformation. So believe what you want, though its hard to see Jones not being on the team in 2012.




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He's back to his suited weight. He ran with renewed passion and intensity last season. He is still a tremendous threat as a screen option and can still run a route if he'd ever get used that way. And kick returns have been abysmal without him. Now that he's back to the #2 spot where he belongs, he can return more.

I think the "hell, no, (learn to punctuate, DMN) that's inaccurate" was the same response when the Bengals wanted to give him a #1 for Marty B.

So let me get this straight. You sent TEXT messages up the flag pole to try and find out if the rumors are true the Cowboys discussed trading Felix if they drafted a running back? You got to be kidding me!..lol.. Why not just wait until Jerry gave his usual State of the Union address...which is usually ONCE a week..and ask him directly? Since when do you media types ask 500 different people at Valley Ranch about anything going on at Valley Ranch? Jerry is the voice of that organization and team. You already know this...lol..!!..

If Jaharry denied the story, then that means he will be traded.

You all need to stop tripping, he stepped up every time he has been in the starting spot, especailly last year when murray got hurt, also remember he didnt have a fullback like murray did... he is what he is which is way better than most other nfl teams second option... he is the second option and the #1 guy i want to see catch a screen pass or take a pitch from romo... however not the guy to take it between the tackles..

When were injuries faked by Felix?

If he goes then so be it. If he stays then so be it. I'm curious to see if the new RB system will allow him to get back to what he did his rookie year. Then again, I don't think he's got it in him, so ...... Welcome back! if he statys, or, Saionara! If he goes.

This just means they ARE going to trade off ol' Felix away. He'd be a good side line fit with Marty B. That way they could keep each other company when they faked injuries.

What has he done lately he has never had a 1,000 yard season rather have Midland RB Cedric Benson!!!

Well that's disappointing ... Detroit or Oakland would be a nice home for him

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