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April 30, 2012

In his own words: Garrett recaps the seven picks, says Claiborne 'everything we want physically'

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett gave a recap of the seven players the team drafted.

Here is what he told reporters Saturday night at Valley Ranch:

“I’ll start with Morris Claiborne. We talked about him before. We felt like he was a player worth moving up the draft board for. He was our number one defensive player on our board and number two player on our board and we feel like he has a chance to be a great, great football player. He’s everything we want physically, and it’s a premium position, and he’s the right kind of guy.

“Tyrone Crawford is someone that we took with our third round pick, pick No. 81, defensive end from Boise State. We feel like he has some real position flexibility for us. He has a chance to be a third down rusher for us, as well as grow into a five-technique defensive end. He has an outstanding motor, that’s Line 1 when you talk about him. It jumps off the screen when you watch him play, and somebody we’re excited about.

“Kyle Wilber is the next player. He’s an outside linebacker from Wake Forest. We see him as a SAM linebacker, who does an outstanding job defending the run. We feel like he has a chance to be a pass rusher from the edge. He’s an outstanding special teams player and, again, the right kind of guy. You look at the list of the seven players we drafted. We really feel good about the kind of people they are, and Kyle Wilber certainly is one of those.

“Matt Johnson is a safety from Eastern Washington. He’s a guy that we feel can play on the back end and be a safety that drops down. He’s a good run defender as well. He made a number of plays on the ball. I think 15 career interceptions. The safety position is a little tricky. Sometimes, you have guys that are good pass defenders and sometimes you have guys that are good run defenders. We feel like he’s demonstrated he can do both. We had him in here for one of our 30 visits. We really like the person he is. He can be a special teams player, but is also going to be a position player for us.

“Danny Coale is the next player we took. He’s a receiver from Virginia Tech. He’s a guy that has all the measurables to play. He’s almost 6-feet tall, ran in the 4.3’s as a receiver. We feel like he has good traits to be an inside receiver and also the physical skills to be an outside receiver. We’re excited about him at the receiver position but also as a special teams contributor. Very good career there at Virginia Tech.

“James Hanna is a receiving tight end out of Oklahoma. He’s a local guy out of Flower Mound. He’s a guy that we would consider an ‘F,’ not an on-the-line ‘Y’ tight end, a guy who can block on the back side of things. That’s how we describe our ‘F’ position. And also has some receiving skill. He ran below 4.5 at the combine, so he’s a guy that can get down the field and threaten the defense that way. He really has the measurables to be a blocker, as well, and you see that. He obviously played at an outstanding program. We really like James Hanna.

“Lastly, we took Caleb McSurdy. He’s a linebacker from Montana. You hear a lot of people talk, ‘He’s just a football player.’ We feel like this guy is that. He played the Mike linebacker position at Montana and just made a lot of tackles. We think he has a chance to be an inside linebacker candidate for us and also a special teams contributor for us, and you can’t have enough football players on your roster. He’s one of those guys. We have a lot of competition at the linebacker position. We think that’s good. Those guys are natural special teams players and each of these guys we took we feel like they’re the right kind of guys.”

-- Carlos Mendez

Twitter @calexmendez


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@ Erin Bronson

1. Go back to the kitchen unless you can fit into a DCC uni!
2. Ripping on Tony Romo for some kid from Boise State? A college that never mattered??

Stop using and alias Jessica!!

It was very attractive one among all the blogs which I have studied... Thanks for sharing.

@Eric Bronson
You are a moron. blame Tony Romo when he's coming off his best season. He had a revolving reciever Corp and crap o-line. Oh and a can't stop anyone defense. You build around your franchise QB or no titles. Ask Dan Marino

The Cowboys cleaned house this offseaon and drafted Jason Garrett type players in Johnson, Coale and Hanna. Claiborne, Wilbur and Crawford must contrbute right away.


Then put your job onlinevthat garrett made the right choices you win you stay uou lose never come back yo Dallas as even a ball boy!!!!

Thanks Dane Im glad Im not the only one who thinks so.

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Dear Erin Bronson, you're an idiot.

Cowboys do a nice job this year getting "football" players with a few gifted athletes. Their picking and constructing a team that will have allot if competition at each position. If you know anything about building a football team, it starts with internal competition. So in that regard, they have done a really good job this offseason and draft. Now it's up to our staff to get the most out of these players and instal the NFL level of play we need from each of them to take us deep into the playoffs. May not happen this year, hope it does, but let's be real, these guys are rookies and there is not only a ton to learn, but the speed of this next level is a slap in the face when these rooks start to compete for their jobs. Even the best player we picked in the draft (Mo) will need some time to adjust and develop. Knowing most of our impaitent fans, they want it all today. Heard some even say Mo will be shut down corner day one...sorry, not going to happen. In due time it's still a maybe depending on his ability to develop his game. I've got my fingers crossed these are the right guys, look very good for our team. I have faith in our staff and think they will put the best players out there on game day to give us our best chance to win the game. So, get to work Cowboys, we only have a few months before we go into New York and face a pretty good football team in the Giants! P.s. Jimmy says "if you did it right, then do it again...and again...and again...". Lol remember that one JG!? Let's do everything the right way! Go Cowboys!

needed Kellen Moore from Boise State also so they can replace the aging and no Championship as of Yet Romo so he can go play Golf and watch Kellen be the next Aikman..

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