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April 05, 2012

Italian team brought to tears upon learning of Coach Joe's death

Former Cowboys coach Joe Avezzano had the same impact coaching football in Milan as he did here.

Avezanno died of a heart attack today in Italy where he was coach of the Milan Seaman of the Italian Football League.

“Everybody loved him,” Seamen Milano President Marco Mutti said by phone from Italy. “He was an incredible man. We appreciate the passion he had for football. We were so glad to have him coaching.”

A shocked and saddened Mutti said the day began like any other. They were all in a meeting together with the other coaches until 3:30 p.m. Italy time.

“He said he was going to see us tonight for practice,” Mutti said. “He went to the gym an started to run and suddenly his heart stopped. He did a incredible job for us. He was a friend of everybody. Everybody started to cry when told the news. This is a game for tough guys. We are not so tough anymore.”

Making matters worse is that Avezzano just returned to Italy a few weeks ago after flying to Miami to bury his mother, who passed away in February

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I was sad to learn of Coach Joes passing. I always enjoyed his insight in the pre and post game shows on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Tx. He said it like it was and was a brilliant football coach. DFW will miss Coach Joe for a very long time...forever. He is irreplaceable.

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