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April 18, 2012

Jason Witten: "The bottom line is we have to play better and win games."

Do the Cowboys have vocal leaders on their team? Defensive end Jason Hatcher reignited the question this off-season when he went on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM and said he didn't know who the team's leaders were.
A better question, though, might be: Do they need a vocal leader?
"I don’t think so," tight end Jason Witten said Wednesday. "I don’t want to speak for anybody. We have plenty of leaders. We have been in situations where there have been more player-only meetings. It's more than that.
"The bottom line is we have to play better and win games, and find ways to to do that. You do that by sticking together. You do that by having a strong group of six to eight guys. [Jay] Ratliff and [DeMarcus] Ware and [Miles] Austin, [Tony] Romo, and you had young guys in there who are big=time players."
The Cowboys have missed the playoffs the past two seasons, going 6-10 and 8-8. They have not had a winning record in their division since 2009, which was the last time they won the NFC East.
But Witten argues that it isn't a lack of leadership that's responsible for the team's failures the past two seasons. 
"Bottom line is we haven’t played well enough to win those games," Witten said. "We need to do that. And we have that urgency. It feels good to have that mentality where you've got to go prove it. Nobody is expecting anything. Not to make it us against the world or get anybody to feel sorry for us. But I think we believe we have the right type of guys to take that step."
The Cowboys signed seven players in free agency, with six of the newcomers expected to vie for starting jobs. Kyle Orton will backup Tony Romo.
"I believe we have the right guys," Witten said. "We added some players that can help us, not only as big-time starters but guys that fill in. When you do that, and you add that with our elite players, I believe it's going to pay off for us in the end. Now, you've got to put in the work, and train and handle the adversity and the success."
-- Clarence Hill/Charean Williams


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@ Blue Turth
By the way the word is spelled "truth", just in case you did not know.

Second, why the name (Obama Smiley) Obama has nothing to do with this discussion.

@ Blue Turth
I have always been of the opinion that it takes the entire team to win the game and that it is just over the last 10-15 years that the so called sports analysts and media have put the onus of winning on the shoulders of one player - the QB. I don't subscribe to that way of thinking, but having said that teams need vocal players that are not afraid to raise their voice and demand more from their fellow players. Look at the Cowboys teams of the 60s, 70, 80s and 90s for the most part you could identify one fiery type leader from those teams when they were winning. The 90s Cowboys would not have been the Cowboys without Hayley, Norton or Washington on the defense and Irvin, Johnson and Aikman on the offensive side calling players out. This is what I mean by Romo and Witten not pushing more....and sorry, but with Witten, he is a good tight end, but too many times I see him catch the ball, get hit and fall like a ton of rocks at the same spot of being hit..does not take away from his game, but week after week he says that they have to get better - sorry, if I was him, I would have saved my breath and gotten pissed off and directed it at players such as Bennett, Austin, Bryant and Ogletree to step it, but really which teammate is in their face telling them to do more??? What about the defensive side what are Ware and Ratliff doing other then just playing...Sorry Blue Turth, but it is a team game and if I was a player with xx amount of years there is no way in H..L that I would not be in someones face if I did not think they were not putting in 100% effort! It is a team game, therefore everyone has to do their part, but that is where leadership comes in! As to Romo playing golf, I think he made the right decision not to attempt the US Open, even though I know that Romo is not the problem, but sometimes the perception is the problem and the smart leader knows that sometimes it is smarter to not fuel that perception.

@ Frank

You know what it takes to win Frankie? Miles Austin selling out for a greta ball thrown to him under an all out blitz, what do we get, "I lost it in the lights." COuld you imagine Pearson, Hill, etc saying that about the shade that came through Texas Stadium? Then this same dog (Obama SMiley) who did not sell out for diving for the ball says, "I was not preapred for last year." THAT is the problem, people of MIles Austin's ilk.

I never thought we would have a tight end better than Doug Cobise ( I don't want to hear about Jay. I do love Jay and think the world of him, but he was never Cosbie or DuPree) and now we do. Yes, other than the line of scrimamge penalties which Jason has improved on..he is the least of our problems and qwuite frankly he is the modern day Bob Lilly. His mannerisims, class and ability..he is amazing and a better person.

So let no person talk crap about Jason Witten, that should be reserved for others. So Tony plays golf...awesome. Hell, Walt Garrison did the roedeo thing and wehn he fublmebed..people did not blame Skoal or a friggin bull.

Golf is not the problem, its the losers in the media, the young O-line oh, Tony does not play defense. When an offense put's up over 21 points you SHOULD win the game.

News Flash!! Romo has opted to not play in the golf tournament! Good sign!

Game after game, year after year Witten and Romo say the same thing, maybe this is why they are such good friends, but after a while it gets old, when the whole team does not deliver. Maybe, instead of talking about it, they need to be more direct with the other so called leaders on the team and then these so called leaders should get more vocal and demand not only more of themselves but of their teammates! A good start would be Romo! I'm a fan of Romo and in the past, put his attempts to qualify for golf tournaments as helping him with the mental aspect of competing, but this year, I really wished that he would have opted more to keep a lower profile and just concentrate on football. The perception, justly or not, is that he would rather play golf then spend the necessary time to get better as a QB. What message does this send to his teammates? I don't know and I'm sure that a lot of his teammates do not mind, but I'm of the opinion that given the Cowboys lack of success on the field that Romo would consider more how his actions are perceived, regardless of whether it is just or not - real leaders do this! Once again, I'm a big Romo fan and I think he has the skills, but sometimes it takes more then just football skills to win as a team.

Where have I heard this before?...lol. Witten I feel your sincerity, but until it actually happens. I don't trust you guys. Just saying....

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