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April 20, 2012

Miles Austin hopes work with Cowboys strength coaches results in better, healthier 2012

When Cowboys receiver Miles Austin said during a recent interview that he wasn’t in the best physical shape last season, he didn’t mean to suggest that he didn’t work hard in the off season when he trained primarily in California during the lockout.

Austin said he worked hard but he acknowledges that his preparation is different this off season under the guidance of Cowboys strength coach Mike Woicik. He hopes it leads to better results after missing time in training camp last year and six games during the regular season because hamstrings problems in both legs.

“What I meant to say is that I felt prepared. I felt prepared, but what I’m doing now with Woicik and our team is different than what I was doing,” Austin said. “I’m confident in what we’re doing now. I feel good. I’m working out every day. I mean, I was working out every day before, but now I’m working out with our strength coaches.” 

Coach Jason Garrett said earlier this off season that the Cowboys are working with Austin to solve the hamstring issues that not only plagued him last seasons but also in 2009.

Austin didn’t acknowledge whether he thought the hamstring issues might be chronic, only saying “I’m working very hard.” 

Clarence Hill


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Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

I will be happy to see MILES BIG!! SMILE BACK.Miles I BELEVE IN YOU!!!

@ Glenn

Let me join this fray if I may sir. No one has the "heart" of Emmitt Smith on this team? Guess you never heard of cat by the name of Jason Witten, nor have you ever heard of Sean Lee? Emmitt had heart and all those good things, he is also one of the biggest punks walking this earth doing things for HIS own glory. He was always about himself and the move to Phoeniz just proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I know you did not initially bring up Emmitt, but I am sick and tired of hearing about him.

I am disgusted with Miles Austin and Anthony Spencer, but don't down the entire team because Sean Lee proved last year he had heart and tackles better with one hand than most others in this league. Also Mr. Glenn, do not say we don't have any leader's on this team because we do.

We have not been able to win because we don't win the wars in tthe trenches and I for one am I happy with the changes to the O line with depth.

We have the right coach (go ahead say something rude about Jason because I PROMISE you would be one of the guys who would ahve been calling for Landry's head in the 60's.) I ebelvie we are headed in the correct direction, it just takes time. I for one can be patient..see I support my team win or lose, unlike most losers down there that do not..FACT!

Looking forward to the cowboy team this can take a good result.

ralph...You can believe that non-sense if you like. It's guys like you who are satisfied with players who say they take plays off. It's guys like you who are satisfied with players who say they weren't ready for a season to start. It's guys like you who continue to say...'It's OK Spencer. It's OK Austin..we still love you!'...lol. Emmitt played with heart and he played hurt. There is NO ONE on this current Cowboys team who had the moxy that Emmitt and those teams had back in the day. Some of refuse to except have hearted attempts to play pro football. It's guys like you who continue to except mediocrity. Give me a break!! And you wonder why we can't win...

Glen Guillory= Cowboys hater

@ Glenn Guillory - you are always so quick to find fault with someone or anything....maybe, you should sometimes look at yourself.

Emmitt Smith had problems with his hamstrings until Woick worked with him more and Smith learned what he had to do - maybe, this is what Austin needs to learn. I don't doubt that Austin worked out hard, but working out hard is somtimes not the same as working out smart and I think this is what Austin is referring to now that he is under Woick's tutelage.

Now that Terence Newman is no longer a resident at Valley Ranch the title..'Cowboys Player Always Hurt'..now goes to...Miles 'Sideline' Austin!!

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