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April 24, 2012

Tony Romo defends Miles Austin's conditioning last season: 'From my perspective, he was in shape'

Tony Romo said the Miles Austin he was throwing to last year was in fine shape.

Romo defended his star receiver Tuesday at Valley Ranch, saying he thinks Austin’s comments to Men’s Health magazine last week – that he he wasn’t in the best shape he could have been for the start of the season – were taken “a little bit out of context.”

“I haven’t talked to Miles, but that would be my guess,” Romo said Tuesday in a meeting with reporters at Valley Ranch. “Anybody who talks about his work ethic has no idea about Miles Austin. That’s not him at all.”

Austin, who missed six games last year because of hamstring injuries, told the magazine, “I feel like last year, I wasn't prepared for the season in the way I should have been condition-wise, even though I looked and felt like it at the time. That's one thing I have to keep an eye on, to make sure I'm in the best physical shape I can be.”

Romo said he saw first-hand how well-conditioned Austin was last year.

“I was around Miles, and I saw him, and he was running all the time,” Romo said. “I think what he probably meant to stress was – once again I probably don’t even want to go there because I haven’t talked to him about it – but after seeing it, it’s probably just the football metabolics. You can’t duplicate it. Miles is a guy who goes 100 miles per hour or nothing. He’s not a guy who just coasts because it’s the 13th rep. And, so, his greatness is that he never gets tired. He goes and goes and goes, and then his body falls apart. That’s what makes him so good, so gifted.

“From my perspective, he was in shape. He just has to probably understand his body a little bit sometimes. He’s doing that.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Man..can you guys give it a rest with anything that concerns Romo and his thoughts. Who cares what this guy says. It's just Jerry and most of the DFW media who continues to have this lovefest with this guy when he continues to give us hope early on and then craters at crunch time. Then these same culprits..Jerry and the DFW media..try to talk you idiots into giving him one..a few more years to get it done. Sorry this took longer than what I intended it to be. But I'm sick on all the Romo love when it's obvious this guy needs to be replaced. All that being said...it's almost draft time!! Jerry get Romo some more..defensive.. help....lmao..!!!!

Nope..don't buy that one Romo. Austin all but said he wasn't in shape to begin the season and never was able to get in shape once the season started. Wasn't his exact words, but he might as well have said those words..

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