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April 25, 2012

Will Baylor fans who are Cowboys fans still cheer for RG3?

NEW YORK -- While Indianapolis will make Andrew Luck the No. 1 overall pick, the Washington Redskins gave up a fortune for the right to select Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III second overall. The suspense will be gone Thursday night for Griffin.

“We’ve checked off all the boxes, but it’ll be official when my name is called,” Griffin said. “It feels good. You could say it’s a bummer, because I don’t get that true rookie draftee experience since I know where I’m going, but it’s less stressful. I know where my home’s going to be. It’s great to go to Washington.”

So what do Baylor fans who also are Cowboys fans do?

“If we can, we’ll try to convert them," Griffin said. "You can be a fan of a team and still be a fan of a player. I hope they don’t cut ties with me and say, ‘We can’t be fans of RG3 any more, because he’s a Redskin.’ Hopefully, they’ll still like me a little bit."

Griffin has been studying the team's playbook, and he is ready to go to work.

"I’ve been able to pick up the scheme as far as what they’re trying to do," Griffin said. "When you understand what the coaches want to do, you can learn the plays and concepts a lot easier. I don’t know half the playbook, but I do know what they want to do. They have a lot of formations, and they like to move guys around. I’m excited to get in and see where I can help and how I can make it better.

“The coaching staff, the players, the fans and the atmosphere around the team. We’ve got a lot of weapons on offense."

-- Charean Williams



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I shared the same feelings for Rodney Peete when he played for Philly and Washington! He's actually my favorite former Trojan!

You REALLY want me to answer that?..lol. Of course I'll root for RGIII. But not when the 'Skins play us. I want him to show Jerry what he missed!..Just saying....

RG3 VS Jerry Jones. RG# has my vote any day. Bearfan.

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