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May 09, 2012

DeMarcus Ware: Cowboys showing more leadership, looking for Super Bowl title in 2012

Pro Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware didn’t come out and say the word Super Bowl but as he said “you know what I’m talking about” when he said his teammates have been motivated in off season workouts to do more than just make the playoffs and just win the NFC East Championship next season.

“We are not just looking for the playoffs,” Ware said. “We are not just looking for the NFC East championship. We are looking for the big thing that really quantifies what a team means. You already know what I’m talking about.”

Ware said the Cowboys are motivated by the bitterness of 2011 when they finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs. The Cowboys lost five games after taking a lead into the fourth quarter, including an NFL-record three by 12 points or more, and were blown out by the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants in a winner take all game for the division title and the playoffs in the season final.

Ware said Cowboys can learn from the Giants and what happened to them “could have been us.”

He says that's the focus of the team’s offseason workouts where the Cowboys are not just working hard but showing more leadership than in the past.

The leadership issue is a buzz word for the Cowboys because of the late season and late game collapses in recent years. Instead of being defensive, Ware, whose leadership has been criticized in the past, said everybody is stepping up because they are tired of losing.

 “It’s just that,” Ware said. “It’s been eight years. Guys are tired of losing. Guys are trying to step up. It’s lead by example and it’s vocal. It’s a lot of young guys coming in so we go tot lead by example. We also go to say what needs to be said.”

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How long did it take for Dirk to do anything??? Opps, people in Dallas forgot about the Mavs already.


Hope Demarucs can learn somethings from Sean Lee.

Bla Bla Bla, we've heard it all before. The defense can't make a stop when it counts late in the game.
Dez Bryant can't memorize the playbook and stay on the field. Sure we've improved on paper, but the Giants own us and the Eagles are going to be vastly improved. No disrespect to the great #94 but the team should keep their collective mouth shut.

Haven't we heard this before from these guys? Just get it done why don't you?

It's the right approach, now it's time to execute! Quit talking about doing it and get it done! D Ware, you only have a few years left to accomplish this goal, would be a shame to see you done with football and not have at least one SB ring on your hand. Your a hall of fame player, praying for you and the boys to get this done! Go cowboys!

Good to hear. But this type of talk has been heard every year. Pardon me for being sceptical but I will hold my enthusiasm until I see some tangible change.

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