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May 07, 2012

Dez Bryant is having a good offseason, but it's got to carry over, says receivers coach

Dez Bryant is having a good offseason, says receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, who believes a formal offseason will be a benefit.

“The teaching sessions got off to a good start. He’s out here working really, really hard to get better,” Robinson said. “It’s got to make a difference. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point of the offseason program? I’m confident it’s going to help.”

Like everyone else, Bryant didn’t get a supervised offseason last year because of the lockout. So Robinson, hired a year ago after being part of the staff of Green Bay's Super Bowl championship team, didn’t get to work with the Cowboys’ No. 1 pick from 2010.

“He’s doing great. Having a good offseason,” Robinson said. “Working really hard and getting better out there every day. Again, that’s got to carry over to the next phase, to the OTAs and training camp and then regular season, game day.”

Robinson was asked how he judges the progress of a player like Bryant in the offense.

“Just play by play. How’s he doing? Is he picking up things well? Is he making mistakes? Is he repeating mistakes?” Robinson said. “It’s a real gradual play-by-play, day-by-day process. It takes a lot of time.”

Is Bryant working on anything specific?

Robinson said, “Not really. It’s a whole lot of things, everything. I guess you could say we’re working on everything. But he’s off to a good start.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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87 snags , 1099 yards , 13 Td's

ROUTE RUNNING needs to be priority for 88. To many times last year I wittnessed him either quiting on a route or simply breaking early/late. With his speed and abilitys if he would just run clean crisp routes he would be unstoppable! He would make it look easy as well. Needs to bring the same intensity he shows on the sidelines onto the field. Hopfully that's what he's working on now and through TC.

88 Is poise and ready for a break out year . Does he catch 90 passes ? Hopefully 12 Td's . We need to go deep more . Take the shot . Cowboys have lost that touch . Fly route has to be tried often .

A few words of advise to Jimmy Robinson. Tell Garrett's quarterback..Romo..to get Dez the ball more. Dez and this Cowboys offense will be OK if that happens. He's our BEST offensive playmaker. Would be prudent to get him the ball early and often.

There will be no doubt that Dez will improve on the field.. He is a bright young man with a promising future, provided he keeps his off field activity's on the straight and narrow. That is where most young men foul up.

For the first time these young men are showered and catered to. He just needs to walk slow a drink lots of water on his journey to stardom. He needs to understand that NOT everyone is his friend, if he knows the difference, he will be fine.

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