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May 23, 2012

Dez Bryant says injury kept him for living up to expectations last season

Dez Bryant injured his thigh when he took a helmet to the leg on a punt return in the first half of the first game last season. He missed only one game -- the victory over San Francisco in Week 2 -- but Bryant admits the injury never fully healed, preventing him from having the type of season he wanted.

"I don’t think I was ever where I wanted to be," Bryant said Wednesday.

Bryant made 63 receptions for 928 yards and nine touchdowns in his second season, but it left him and the Cowboys wanting more.

"It was very frustrating," Bryant said. "But you’ve just got to get through things, get to the end the best way you can and try your best to get back on the field. Some of the game tape that I watched from last year, I really wasn’t too proud of myself [because he was hindered by the injury]. I know it’s because of the injuries, but I feel like this year, I’m spending more time focusing on my body and making sure everything is right."

The Cowboys say Bryant is working hard this off-season to better himself.  

"Dez has really had a good off-season," receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said. "It’s just the consistency of route running. I don’t know if subtleties is the right word, or if it’s just the execution of each individual route on a consistent basis play after play. He has really improved just in the off-season work that we’ve done. But the proof will be in the games, training camp, and the preseason games. He’s a work in progress, but we like what we have in him, what we see in him. He did a pretty good job last year when you look at the production, and he hasn’t even come close to scratching the surface."

-- Charean Williams

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We'll see what all this hooplah results in. This guy was used to college ball whre he didn't have to use his brain. That's not gonna cut it i the NFL. And I don't balme Romo for not throwing it to him. The guy was never open, and most of the catches he did make were only because he out muscled or out jumped the defender, not because he was where he was supposed to be.

@Glenn Guillory: Dez Bryant needs to A. run better routes B. learn the entire playbook. Also i do not see how you blame Romo or garret when a virtually unkown receiver blew up on this team last week.

@Glenn Guillory: How about getting open then you can get the ball. I seriously doubt the design of the play kept Bryant from getting the ball. Get a clue

Think he'll wear the freakin thigh pads this year?!?!!?

So Dez blames his injury as the reason he didn't meet expectations last season. Quite admirable if I have to say it. But some of us know it was Garrett's inability to design more pass plays to get this guy the ball. And it was Romo who failed to get this guy the ball more. He's our best playmaker on offense and we can't get him the ball more? Try telling that to 'Willie-Foo-Foo'...!!

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