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May 15, 2012

Garrett says Ogletree has made big catches, Holmes an inviting target, Radway running better

As the rookie minicamp two weeks ago wound up, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was asked about the third receiver spot. In his answer to reporters, Garrett talked about two players – Kevin Ogletree and Andre Holmes.

Ogletree is a veteran entering his fourth year, all with the Cowboys, with 25 career catches. He made the team in 2009 as an undrafted free agent.

Holmes is a 6-foot-5 first-year player from Hillsdale who the Cowboys signed in preseason last year when he was cut by the Minnesota Vikings, who had signed him as an undrafted free agent.

Of Ogletree, Garrett said he made some big third-down catches, and that’s to his benefit. But he will still face competition.

“We’re going to make that role, and really every role on our team, as competitive as possible, so he is not entrenched as our third receiver by any means,” Garrett said. “He’s been the guy who’s been around our program the longest. He’s the guy who has the most production and experience in NFL games. So you would say that he has an advantage going in.

“But it will be competitive. We feel like he has the capability of doing it, but we feel like the other guys might have the capability as well,” Garrett said.

Garrett said Holmes is an inviting target for the quarterbacks.

“He’s a big, raw guy who the quarterbacks really like throwing the football to,” Garrett said. “He’s a big target. He’s quarterback-friendly. He’s got some speed and some explosiveness as well. He just needs to play more and learn how to play.”

Then Garrett was asked about Raymond Radway, the ACU receiver who was on his way to making the team before he was hurt in the final preseason game.

“I wouldn’t say he’s 100 percent,” Garrett said. “He’s been involved in the teaching sessions ... and he really seems to have responded well to the treatment. He’s running better. And he did a nice job. He was really full go in those workouts.”

Garrett said he’d prefer to have someone emerge to take the job, rather than split it up.

“You probably always prefer to have a guy emerge, because that means he’s playing really well enough to say, ‘Hey, I am the guy.’ But I think if you look at our receivers over the last few years, we’ve played a number of guys and we use a number of different personnel groups, so sometimes we get that third receiver accomplished in different ways, whether we’re playing with two tight ends or true three receivers. So we’ve had other guys mixed in there. Like I said, Kevin has played for us in the past. He has some experience. He has some production in some games. If you’re on our roster, you better be ready to play.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Garrett, please move on and develop Holmes, Radway and other young receivers. Ogletree is a monumental waste of time and money. Ogletree doesn't belong in the NFL.

I understand that you can sometimes find diamonds in the rough as undrafted free agents. But it seems Jerry is so determined field a contending team in prominent positions made up of free agents..Romo..Austin..Ogletree...just to name a few. And you wonder why we can't win..lol.

Hillsdale? That's not a school for academic lightweights. Color me interested in Holmes.....

Ogletree is the smart one here, it's Garrett and Jones who are the idiots. The guy is robbing this organization blind and laughing all the way to the bank.

Sorry Ogletree, but you are the classic coach killer. You make some dazzling catches/plays once in a while but have not been consistent enough to rely on.

Watching Romo having to line you up in the right spot last year at the goal line was embarrassing.

Ogletree is a never was and never will be. After three years he doesn't know the playbook and can't run routes. Occasionally he catches a pass by accident. You know what they say "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while". Well Ogletree is the blind squirrel. All he does is run around with his hands out and if he's lucky the ball falls into them. DUMP HIS NON PLAYING BEHIND!!!!

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