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May 04, 2012

Heat gets the best of the Cowboys rookies on first day of minicamp

The first rookie minicamp, set five days after the draft, is usually an opportunity to give NFL newcomers at chance to taste life on the professional level.

For the Cowboys rookies, the two-a-day practices on Friday proved to be a baptism in the Texas heat. Temperatures got as high as 92 degrees and many of the Cowboys rookies began wilting during the afternoon practice.

Several players got sick their stomach and vomited. Linebacker Kyle Wilber, a fourth-round pick out of Wake Forest,  appeared woosy at times. 

But nobody was out of there element more than defensive end Tyrone Crawford, a third round pick out of Boise State. A native of Windsor, Canada, Crawford nearly fell over as the heat got the best of him.

"It's a little different here than in Canada," Defensive line coach Brian Baker said of Crawford. "I coached in Detroit for four years, so I know kinda right where he is in Windsor. Shoot, the sun shines two or three months a year. That's a grey place. The sun, he had no way to get ready for it, now way to prepare. I'll tell you what the kind of kid he is, I'll be really surprised if he doesn't come out tomorrow with an attitude of, 'I don't care what the climate is, you're not surprising me today. You surprised me a little bit yesterday and now I'm going to ball.' That's what I see in that kid." 

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he cautioned the players before and after the draft that that they needed to be ready for the minicamp. He was pleased that all of the rookies hung in there and made it through the first day.

"Everybody gears up for the draft but the most important thing is the minicamp that comes five days later," Garrett said. "What is the first impression you want to leave. I think they will be allright."

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no one had heat stroke. The NFL should continue to let the players participate in the game of football, otherwise they will continue to lose fans.

So, the NFL has discovered concussions are dangerous but ignores heatstroke. I am a lifetime NFL fan, but the League has to enter the 21st century. Players are people- injuring them for no reason is just stupid.

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