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May 06, 2012

If no one claims No. 3 receiver job, 'it'll be by committee,' Cowboys' receivers coach says

The Cowboys need a No. 3 receiver.

Or No. 3 receivers.

The Cowboys have to hope somebody takes over in the shoes of the departed Laurent Robinson. It'll have to be somebody out of a group that includes Kevin Ogletree, Dwayne Harris, Andre Holmes, Raymond Radway and draft pick Danny Coale, plus undrafted free agents like Cole Beasley, Tim Benford, Donavon Kemp and Saalim Haikim.

“We’re hopeful that somebody emerges and steps up and kind of claims that job, and if not, then it’ll be by committee,” receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said Saturday after a practice at the Cowboys’ rookie minicamp at Valley Ranch. “Time will tell.”

The Cowboys won’t judge their No. 3 by the 54 catches and 11 touchdowns the veteran Robinson gave them last season.

“I don’t think you really look at it in terms of a number of catches,” Jimmy Robinson said. “You just look at a guy who’s consistent and productive when he gets opportunities, because you don’t know where the ball is going to go. You can’t predict how many catches anybody’s going to have, because the defense kind of dictates, a lot of times, where the ball is going to be thrown.”

Of Ogletree, entering his fourth year with the Cowboys after making the team as an undrafted free agent, Robinson said, “I’m hopeful that he can. Again, that’s an unknown at this point, but he’s had a good off-season. All I can say is so far, he’s worked extremely hard. He’s gotten stronger. He’s gotten bigger. So again, time will tell.”

Of Coale, the fifth-round pick, Robinson said, “Part of the reason he was drafted is because he was versatile. He’s played outside. He’s played inside. It’s kind of up to him. He’s got to step up and grab that when his opportunities come.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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A key player to watch during camp this year will be undrafted slot recover cole Beasley. Beasley is small in size but explosive and strong.. Some say the next Wes welker.. Beasleys quickness and explosiveness is what differs him from welker.. Welker may have a few pounds on Beasley but his shiftiness will help allow him to find the open spot..

I agree with Larry. Need to pick up a vet on the cheap that is a late victim of the numbers game on another team. Get an experienced guy with decent to good hands and can block. A guy thats been around and can learn the offense without much of a problem. Too many of these inexperienced guys run a wrong route on a key 3rd down. If none of these guys can step up and take the 3rd receiver spot...then they arent much stock.

Committee is so much bull! If the boys need to go with "Committee" as a 3rd receiver then they have to find a vet somewhere as they did with Robinson, that is, if they expect to make the playoffs and do anything once there. You can bet that "3rd" guy will be "2nd" often with Austin and Dez getting injured.

We'll have to see.... Looks to me like every year, the cow-coaches are hot on somebody and they just seem to fizzle once the season starts. Robinson was the eal deal and I don't remember hearing the coaches and scouts raving about him.

"When you wish upon a star...."

Of all the receivers listed it WON'T be Ogletree. In the past three years he has shown less than nothing at being able to step up and be nothing more than an also ran.

I am looking forward to see Radway this year and believe the 3rd spot will be between him, Holmes & Coale.

I'm sold on this guy. He's always open and has speed. Pro days ran a 4.37. I think he'll take the No. 3 job easily. Will probably be better than Miles Austin in a couple of years.

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