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May 23, 2012

Jason Garrett says Jenkins making "business decision" to stay away, but he won't be traded

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Mike Jenkins is making “a business decision” not to be at OTAs, but that the team is not going to trade the cornerback.

“Mike Jenkins, we believe, is a big part of our football team right now,” Garrett said Wednesday after the second day of voluntary practices at Valley Ranch. “He’s making a business decision not to be here. But we’re not going to trade him. We like Mike Jenkins. We feel like he can be a part of our team. We’ve got to get him healthy. We’ve got to get him back on the field.”

The Star-Telegram reported last week that Jenkins has requested a trade in the wake of the Cowboys’ moves to acquire free agent cornerback Brandon Carr and to draft Morris Claiborne. Jenkins is in the last year of his four-year rookie contract, and his agent talked earlier in the offseason about seeking an extension.

Asked whether Jenkins is hurting his standing with him by not being at practice, Garrett said, “You know, I’m really not concerned with that. We’re concerned with his health first and foremost.”

Garrett pretty much confirmed Jenkins was the only player who wasn’t at Valley Ranch during the offseason.

“We want Mike Jenkins around our football team, just like we want everybody around our football team,” he said. “We had 60 guys on our roster for most of the offseason, and we had 59 at the facility working out involved in our offseason program. We have 90 guys on our team now, and we pretty much had 89 guys around here doing everything we wanted them to do.”

Jenkins is rehabbiung from offseason shoulder surgery and would not be participating in the OTAs, but the Cowboys would like him back. His teammates miss him.

"I understand. It’s a business," Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer said. "If anyone understands, I understand, but at the same time, you want a guy like that to be around the team and what not. I support him in whatever decision he makes. He’s my teammate."

-- Carlos Mendez


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Yea Jenkins has made a few buinsness decisions with his wiff tackling.

Jenkins memorable WHIFF's and oft injured past was already going to hurt the Market Value he would get

QUITTING and CRYING just proves the Cowboys were right to make those moves to every NFL Team Out There

Ole Stenkin Jenkins is just costing himself money

As a fan that is glad to see him go I hope it costs him a lot

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