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May 31, 2012

Mike Jenkins' agent says he'll be at mandatory mini-camp, according to Jerry Jones

Mike Jenkins hasn’t made an OTA workout yet, but Jerry Jones said the veteran cornerback will be at the mandatory mini-camp in two weeks.

At least that’s what he’s heard.

“I haven’t talked to him about those kinds of things, but I do know his agent said he will be here, for sure,” Jones said Wednesday at Cowboys Stadium, where the Cowboys conducted their fifth OTA practice of the offseason. “And he’s never not been to anything mandatory.”

Jenkins is in Florida rehabbing from shoulder surgery. The Star-Telegram reported last week that he requested a trade following the Cowboys’ moves to acquire free agent cornerback Brandon Carr and draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne.

Jones said Jenkins’ absence from the voluntary OTAs is not an issue.

“I understand why it would be an issue,” Jones said. “But there is nothing that I can see – no draft pick that I am interested in, no draft pick that I am interested in – that could help our team more than Jenkins can.”

Asked if he is afraid Jenkins is pouting, Jones said no.

“I just think he’s probably getting in shape, getting ready to play,” Jones said. “There is no question that he wants to play. And he can come in here and maybe be a part  of something very special, a concept that is very special. We have that kind of talent, that kind of size in corners. And he could have a year that would put him in great shape for his future, and certainly done what he was contracted and paid to do and what he should be doing. And that’s help the Dallas Cowboys win a world championship.”

Jones said he is not listening to offers for Jenkins.

And he said he hasn’t shopped him.

“Not at all,” Jones said. “There is nobody who can need Jenkins more than the Cowboys.”


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Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

im not a fan of any player who doesnt want to play for team and ole jenkins doesnt wnt to be there. and he may not play as hard...he aint that good in the 1st place...i would cut him lose...i want players who want to be dallas cowboys...him and newman where horrible corners and got burned like toast all the time...make sure his head and heart are with us..if nt show him the door....

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