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May 31, 2012

Rob Ryan: Free Agent CB Brandon Carr is better than expected, can cover anybody and is truly special


Forget the fuss about cornerback Mike Jenkins' holdout and first round pick Morris Claiborne, considering that neither are currently healthy and on the field.
Free agent signee Brandon Carr is out there for OTA workouts and he is the one turning heads. Carr, who signed a five-year/$50.1 million contract, has defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gushing with praise cause he's better than expected. 
"He’s actually better," Ryan said of Carr. "He’s outstanding. I knew he was great, but the guy is special."
"Just because he shuts down everybody," Ryan said. "He can cover anybody. He’s got long arms, great length and he’s a great person who works his tail off. He takes coaching, and I’m really impressed with him."
Ryan said he likes all of his cornerbacks but he said if they need to shut somebody down, he will go with Carr. He will be the one who takes on the top receiver on the opposing team. 
 "I would think so," Ryan said. "But obviously we’ve got several corners that can play. so we’ll see how it goes, but if we need to shut somebody down, or put him on a bigger guy, I’m sure brandon will be up to the challenge."
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The praise is easy to understand since there's nobody else on the field to compare him to.
Carr will stop producing as soon as he learns that Jerry Jones loves players who have potential but never produce.

Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

Right now we're living on potential. Savor it. It's part of the excitement. Later we can move to evaluation mode and argue about who is better than whom. Hey, it's all good.

I guess the players and coaches have to say something when a mic is shoved in their face but FOR ONCE I just wish a Dallas player or coach would repeat something like this: I honestly refuse to address your questions until our actions on the field produced something meaningful in the post season. Sadly we are a laughing stock as we get all the attention year round and collapse accordingly as if it was written in Hollywood. Signed a depressed long time fan.

Talk is cheap - but I like how it sounds.

I'll save judgment on Carr until I see him in action.

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