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May 04, 2012

Sean Lee says he has no problem saying something if it needs to be said

Third-year linebacker Sean Lee said he has no problem stepping up and saying something if that’s what needs to be done this year.

“If there is something that needs to be addressed, I have no problems addressing it,” he said Friday at Valley Ranch, where the Cowboys started a rookie minicamp. He didn’t participate, but he stopped to talk to reporters, who asked him about replacing the leadership of departed veterans like Bradie James and Keith Brooking.

“All my teammates realize I have their back and I want to see them do their best and I want to see our team win the Super Bowl and be successful,” he said. “So I have no problem stepping up and saying something if I see or find something I feel is wrong.”

Lee has authority behind him.

He was the Cowboys’ leading tackler last year and the top defensive playmaker the first half of the year.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said early in the offseason that he expected Lee would become one of the team’s most vocal and clear leaders.

“I have always tried, first thing, to work hard every day,” Lee said. “As a leader you have to lead by example, and you do that by working hard every day. Also, I will do anything I can do to help the team. The best leaders  will do whatever they can to help the team. After that, it’s to go out on the field, execute and make plays and help other teammates become better. That is something I have always been interested in.

“It’s not as much about me, but if I can make my teammates better, that is more of my concern. That’s something I was taught by my coaches by my dad growing up.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Cowboys need more Sean Lee-types.

Yeah I get your point Glenn, but I don't think hes talking about the whole team, sounds more to me like hes talking about his part in the defense. I can't see him acting like I "I am going to go tell Romo how to throw" I don't think so.

What I liked to see about him calling defense is you can see how he will give heads up to his teammates when he recognizes a play coming up. He watches so much tape and is extremely fast at recognizing a play. I have heard his teammates like butler talking about that. He said he thinks he recognizes plays faster than anyone in the NFL, (so did Connor). And from that perspective I think Sean does have a lot to contribute leadership wise. It wouldn't hurt even ware or ratliff in this sense. Obviously he has a lot of other things to learn from them because they have put in the time.

Yea right! Sean I commend your honesty and attitude. But you can't expect us to believe if you have something to say to Romo..Ware..Witten..Ratliff...just to name a few..negatively..those guys are going to listen. Please Sean...don't insult our intelligence.

Sean Lee is the second coming of Lee Roy Jordan. Also, gotta love the Cowboys Princess! :)

This is why I love Sean Lee.. Bcuz he shows up on the field now he will speak up & out ... Love that!!

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