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May 25, 2012

Sporting News Ranks Cowboys red-headed genius Jason Garrett as 23rd best coach in the league

The Sporting News ranked all the coaches in the NFL from 1-32 and Cowboys boy wonder Jason Garrett ranked 23rd on the list.

The article states that "Garrett must do better in close games, when his play calling tends to become too conservative."  Garrett is 13-11 in two years with the Cowboys.

He ranks behind such notable coaching stalwarts as Tennesee's Mike Munchak, Kansas City's Romeo Crennell, Seattle Pete Carroll and Carolina's Ron Rivera on the list.

Where do you think Garrett fits on the hierarchy of NFL coaches?

Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-05-24/nfl-coach-ranking-tom-coughlin-bill-belichick-mike-mccarthy-mike-tomlin#ixzz1vtvcFgec

Clarence Hill


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Garret is young, only head coach experience is in Dallas. That's it. Let's give him a body of work before we grade him. I remember in 1989 a new NFL coach by the name Johnson that was coaching a young Dallas Cowboy team who took quite a few shots from fans for only winning 1 game that year. Four years later he was the best head coach in the league. It takes time, give him a chance.

Garrett has been both too conservative and too aggressive at the end of games. Throwing the ball when you need to kill the clock and running the ball when you need a scroe against a potent offense are the things he's done. He just doesn't seem to know when to do what at the end of a game.

Can't argue with 23rd or the fact that Garrett gets stupid at the end of games that they are in control of.

Yups dess så realistic.Thanks för din stora inlägg.

Tack för att skriva denna. Jag känner mig verkligen som om jag vet så mycket mer om detta än jag gjorde innan. Din blogg tog verkligen några saker att lysa som jag aldrig skulle ha tänkt på innan du läser den. Du bör fortsätta detta skulle Im säker på de flesta överens om youve fick en gåva.

Speaking on the list, there are two things that disgust me: Coughlin is NOT a better coach than Belichek. The only reason he has two Super Bowl wins over him is because of a lucky helmet catch and Wes Welker taking dive money to drop a very catchable ball. His success is hollows. In between the Super Bowls Coughlin's an ant hair away from being fired. So he's a great underdog. Contrastly, he's a terrible favorite. Zero playoff wins as a favorite, to include two nonplayoff seasons. It's easy(ier) to win when no one expects you to, but doing it when everyone's looking is a tall order for him.

Belichek and the Pats not winning it every year is a small miracle in itself. It's not like the Giants are destroying Belichek's Patriots. They're winning by the skins of their teeth, and typically in miracle fashion. Only a pea brain (or Giants homer) think Coughlin's a better coach.

23rd is considerably fair. The team actually regressed from the pace he set in the 2010 half season. This year strides need to be made. Expectations in Dallas are at least reasonable. Winning a playoff game is reasonable, and also the minimum. Just like the QB, the coach can't be the reason why the team loses ball games. Last year's trends with both can't continue.

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I have been a Cowboy fan since the days of Dandy Don Meredith and Bob Hayes. I like Jason Garrett and Tony Romo but the rankings speak volumes. Garrett is too consertive and Romo seems to choke in pressure situations. Sean Payton and Drew Brees just might be available next year, How Bout Them Cowboys?

Awww Jack, that really hurts me man.

Last word - I can not even say where I would rate Garrett. Harbaugh at San Fransisco is a good example, because how does one know how he and the 49ers will draft in the future? We don't, but because he inheirited great talent, was able to work with Smith and then go to the playoffs, then one should rate the 49ers Harbaugh high, but those draft picks were picked by other coaches when the 49ers were lousy and therefore had high draft picks. The flip side of this is Andy Reid - the Eagles had loads of talent, yet imploded. As in stocks, past performance is not a true indicator of future performance, therefore the criteria to list coaches as number 1 through 32 in itself is skewed. Belchick, because of past performance would get a high grade, but if one went off of his past playoff wins/losses, then he loses some of his luster....What about Shanahan with the Deadskins?...so..rating coaches as number 1 through 32 is so inexact that it is an exercise in futility,

I can not say that john q is a heavy drinker, but he does seem to have a slight anger management issue. The thing that john q has going for him is that he must have been in every single meeting that Jerry has ever had with all his coaches, therefore he is in a prime position to pronounce that all the Cowboys coaches, except Jimmy, are or have been puppets. I'm just a working guy here, so....I guess to some extent I'm a puppet....after all, I'm sure all us working stiffs have a boss and the extent that we follow or not follow his rules is the extent of how much we value our employment....unless of course one is rich like John Q who because of his millions is his own boss and definitely no ones puppet. Right on brother John Q!

Anybody else think that JohnQ is a heavy drinker who has lost control of his emotions?

Ranting and name-calling. Classy.....

Some folks here really show their youth with their post full of venom. Grow up and then come back and make an informed comment. Now on to the topic at hand. Garrett is a young coach who is still inexperienced. I think it's to early to judge him just yet but I guess these sports writers (Notice I didn't say reporters.) need to make a buck so why not just make up another crap opinion with another in a long line of stupid lists.

@Frank: Sorry you still can't grasp the concept of "puppet" my friend. EVERY coach Jerry has had since Jimmy has been a puppet. Jerry pulls the strings and tells him what to do and how to act. Jerry has it in his alzheimers riddled brain of his that he can coach and GM also. So far he has managed to run this franchise into the ground. Look for Garrett to be in the unemployment line next year if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs again this year.

@ john q - tttttt, anger my man - learn to control it. This has nothing to do with "daddy Jerry" and his "koolaid" and your comment that "everyone"knows that Garrett is a puppet...well, as a long time Cowboys fan (60s) I guess I must have missed that all important memo.
As to me, I lost confidence in Jerry many years ago, but firmly believe that Jerry is 'learning' to listen more to Stephen and also allowing Garrett, because he trusts him, to put more of his imprint on the decision making. Now don't delude yourself into thinking that I believe that Jerry gave up all control, because he has not, but I do think that Jerry is the type of person that eventually 'comes around' when things are staring him in the face...and that, is the fact that the Cowboys have been mediocre. What gives me hope, in your eyes - Jerry's Kool-Aid, is the fact that Garrett is the head coach and has a 'process' to try to make the team better. Sorry, but being a Cowboys' fan since the 60s, I can't see myself not following this team...good, bad or indifferent!

@frank: bite me doofus. Go back and drink some more of your daddy Jerry's koolaid. :P

23rd is too low, but I think Garrett would acknowledge that there is a process to all things and I trust in Garrett to try to look at all things and at himself and make corrections. This is why I have faith in Garrett that he has the Cowboys headed in the right direction, but he needs some more time.

@ john q, a puppet is someone like you who will always find something negative to say, regardless of the circumstances...so in this case you are the puppet to your upbringing, whereby you were constantly upbraided by your parents who found nothing good in you. You my good friend must find a way to cut those strings and be free my puppet man!

If he is too conservative, then that needs to be addressed by those over him expanding his ability to take risks and to be able to say it was a calculated risk. Decisions made at that moment should be by the coach and not consensus. Give him some job security, maybe a three year contract and don't cry if he gets aggressive.

Who was the 'idiot' who made up that list? Garrett...23rd?.... LMAO....!!!.....

Too many excuses for Dez and Garrett when the game is on the line

Whoa!! Garrett ranks 23rd???? What moron compiled this list?? We all know Garrett shouldn't even be on the list. Now if they had said Jerry ranked 23rd it would be more believable. Everyone knows Garrett is a puppet.

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