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June 11, 2012

Cowboys begin three-day minicamp Tuesday but don't expect much action, save for Jenkins showing up

The Cowboys will begin their final offseason workouts before the start of training camp in late July with a three-day mandatory minicamp, Tuesday through Thursday at the team's Valley Ranch training headquarters.

However because for the new offseason rules with new collective bargaining agreement don't expect the minicamp to involve much action. It will be a glorified OTA session.

Players are allowed to wear helmets but there will be no shoulder pads and no live contact.

Certainly the highlight of the minicamp is the expected arrival of disgruntled cornerback Mike Jenkins who has boycotted the offseason program and has asked for trade.

The minicamp is mandatory and team's allowed to fine players up to $60,000 for not showing up.

Jenkins has let the Cowboys know through his agent that he smartly plans to attend.

Jenkins however may not participate in the camp as he spent much of the offseason rehabbing from offseason shoulder surgery.

He has been unhappy with his role on the team since the Cowboys free agent Brandon Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million contract in March and then drafted LSU standout Morris Claiborne with the sixth ovearll pick in the draft.

Jenkins, a former Pro Bowler and 2008 first round pick, has presumably gone from a starter to the third cornerback at best, prompting his trade request.

The Cowboys have said several times they have no interest in trading Jenkins. He has one year left on his contract and will make $1.052 million in 2012.

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I respect and like for the most part Clarence Hill's writing, but I question the use of "disgruntled or unhappy", unless Mr. Hill or any other writer has actually spoken with Mike Jenkins. One is assuming that given his (Jenkins') situation that Jenkins is feeling this way, but most writer's comments are only based on transposing their own thoughts, feelings or emotions based on how one thinks one would act if they were in the same situation and then attributing those same sentiments to others. I support Mike Jenkins in what he is doing as he showed last year that he can step up for the team when other CBs were falling by the wayside. I think that Jenkins did himself no service by missing out on the OTAs, but they are voluntary and each person makes their choices based on what they perceive the situation to be. I for one hope that the Cowboys are able to re-sign Jenkins to a long term contract as I do think he has a lot of talent and would allow the Cowboys to focus on other areas that need upgrades, but I suspect that Jenkins will sign with another team after the end of the season.

Whatever on the pro bowl thing. Time is now! Either Jenkins comes in here to participate and play hard or he should be let go. If he comes in sniveling and feeling sorry for himself, they should just let him go.

On the other hand, if Jenkins is smart he'll come in and outplay the rookie and FA as the best corner on the team. If he does that, it's payday! Hoping this is the route Jenkins takes since even if Cowboys decide to let him go he can expect a huge payday on any team he plays for next year.

Jenkins, get out there and show these new corners what Cowboy football is and should be with tough, smart and physical play! If not for the team, do it for yourself and let the chips fall where they may next season! Prove Jerry wrong for not extending your contract and bringing in hired guns! Your time is now! Good luck and I'm pulling for you man!

Another thing. Jenkins is a good corner and is excellent at breaking up passes. I was not trying to dis him by my pro bowl comment. I just see a flaw in the system.

Lets make a new rule. If you were not voted to the Pro Bowl, you are not a pro bowler. Everyone says Jenkins is a pro bowler. Sort of. Alternate. So you are telling me if 8 corners decide not to go, the ninth in the conference is now a pro bowler? That basically is how it works. That system is bogus and is a fraud. You either make it, or you don't. There is no default because others are hurt. Kinda like saying you are the Super Bowl champion if you never played in the game but the other team forgot the trophy and you have it in possession...

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