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June 14, 2012

Cowboys, Jenkins camp shoot down NFL Network report, say no issue with medical records

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and a source close to Mike Jenkins shot down an NFL Network reporting stating that the disgruntled cornerback was withholding his medical records from the team after getting a second opinion from Alabama sports specialist Dr. James Andrews.

According to the Cowboys hold up was more procedural than Jenkins doing anything on purpose to spite the team.  Jones said the team has everything it needs and there never was any issue with it.

“(Athletic trainer) Jim Mauer has got everything he needs,” Jones said. “He’s got all the medical records we need and we are continuing to get medical information, so that’s not right.”

A source close to Jenkins said they are not withholding records from the Cowboys.

The two sides remain at odds over where Jenkins is choosing to continue his rehab from offseason shoulder surgery.

The Cowboys would like Jenkins to stick around the team’s Valley Ranch training complex but a source close to Jenkins said he will return to Florida and rehab on his own.

Jones said the Cowboys aren’t going to make a big deal out of it because he understands the only way Jenkins can truly get what he wants, which is a big contract extension, is if the Cowboys get what they want. And that’s for him to be healthy and play as well as he can in 2012 so he can potentially cash in on the free agent market after the season.

 “It’s just not in his best interest not to be ready to play, and if it’s later, we’ll use him later,” Jones said

Jenkins, who is in the last year of his contract, asked to be traded after the Cowboys signed free agent cornerback Brandon Carr and drafted LSU standout Morris Claiborne, turning him from a starter to a backup.

The Cowboys say they have no plans on moving him.

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What happen to Jenkins, earlier in his career he made some great plays and so I expected him to continue to get better. But it did not happen, he seemed to regress.

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