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June 25, 2012

DeMarcus Ware says he knows it's his responsibility to set an example for Cowboys defense

DeMarcus Ware isn’t known for being an outspoken leader. But he said he does try to lead by voice and by action – it’s just not always seen.

“What you guys don’t see is me taking a leadership role on defense for the rookies, for the older guys,” the All-Pro outside linebacker said to reporters l after the Cowboys finished their last minicamp practice. “And also, lead by example. Sometimes you have to check some guys and put them in place. That’s what I do. That’s what a lot of other guys on the team have been doing.”

Ware, in his eighth year since the Cowboys made him a first-round pick out of Troy and one of the best defensive players in the NFL, said he knows his place in the locker room hierarchy. It is a responsibility to provide an example, he said.

“Guys come in, and they look up to you,” he said. “They look up to how you play the game. And you have to set that example. But also let them know so they know where they stand in the whole scheme of things.”

Ware said the Cowboys built a lot of camaraderie during the offseason, which featured only one missing player, cornerback Mike Jenkins. The intensity of the practices is part of what forged mutual respect.

“Brandon Carr, Claiborne, a lot of the younger linebackers – defensively, it’s a battle out there,” he said. “You can see those guys and the tenacity that they bring. It’s going to be good.”

The Cowboys begin training camp on July 30 in Oxnard, Calif.

-- Carlos Mendez

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How about if the guy starts showing up in big games and at big moments of games? Everyone wants to put him on the level of guys like Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Jack Youngblood, Jack Lambert, Alan Page etc...those guys were also double-teamed and they still WRECKED games. For a guy thats puts up big stats, he certainly doesnt have the impact that these stats would suggest. He better find a mean streak too.

I would be more impressed if he said it was his responsibility to keep his Defensive Unit from Collapsing then Quitting

D-Ware is a quite leader in the media, that's what most fail to understand. He's a very smart man who's knows this game probably better than 90% of this league. He also has the skill set to play at the level he plays at with allot of hard work for sure! Point is, you can sit someone down and explain that to them, but no matter the amount of leadership you bring, the person has to be willing to absorb the teachings and commit to the hard work it takes to improve. Fans and media are always saying D-Ware needs to be more of a leader on this team, when the bottom line is these younger and less skilled players need to learn from him and work as hard as he does to improve. Let's focus on those not willing to improve rather than those we think arn't leading.

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